TECHniques - Issue 4, 2022

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We are pleased to welcome you to the 4th issue of TECHniques. Explore highlights from the latest release along with curated Software AG technical content and community news.

Hot Topic

Containers: A new way to distribute our software
By Angel Tcholtchev, Manager, Product Management, Integration & API, Software AG

Discover the new Software AG Container portal and how it benefits the developer community.

What’s New

webMethods 10.15

We are excited to announce the launch of the webMethods 10.15 release that goes across our self-hosted and SaaS products focused on API, Integration & Microservices. Explore the latest innovations, product updates and release highlights.

webMethods Mainframe Integration

Take a non-invasive approach to integrating your mission-critical applications and data with new technologies.

webMethods Service Designer 10.15

Software AG is pleased to announce the release of webMethods Service Designer 10.15. Try out the new webMethods Service Designer Free download.

Cumulocity IoT 10.14

With this latest release we keep our promise to enable our customers and partners to be smarter and faster in a world that constantly demands faster and better results.

ARIS 10 SR20

Discover ARIS 10 SR20 - the only tool that offers true integration between process mining and process design.

Alfabet 10.15

The new release maintains the product’s wide functional scope while embracing a new technological foundation that paves the way for Alfabet’s mid- and long- term roadmap.

Adabas & Natural

We continue to extend our offerings and focus on solutions that help you protect, modernize and optimize your high-performing Adabas & Natural applications.

CONNX 14.7

The CONNX 14.7 release features enhancements that modernize the user experience, simplifies data integration tasks and enables workflow integration with CONNX.

Getting to know webMethods 10.15
By Fatima El Megrabi, Product Marketing Specialist, Integration & API, Software AG

Want to learn more about webMethods 10.15? Read on to find even more enhancements and features.

Techie Deep Dive

Getting started with the Cumulocity Python API
By Christoph Souris, Sr. Principal Consultant, GCC IoT Strategy, Software AG

A step-by-step introduction to the possibilities of the Cumulocity Python API. Learn how to create a simple application, read device metadata, and create and investigate alarms.

Proxying events through API Gateway (aka Async APIs)
By Przemek Kulik, Vice President, Product Management, Integration & API, Software AG

Most likely, the messaging infrastructure you’re using is not providing enough control and visibility over what’s happening. If you’re interested in a possible solution, API management can provide it.

webMethods EntireX will API enable your COBOL – using CICS IPIC, with zero backend footprint!
By Bernhard Fricke, Sr. Software Specialist, EntireX Development and Gadi Benedek, Director, Product Management, Adabas & Natural, Software AG

API enablement of COBOL programs is easy with EntireX. Learn how EntireX helps you salvage those COBOL treasures with just a few clicks and without having to install any EntireX components on the mainframe.


New webMethods Ideas Portal for webMethods feature requests
By Sonica Vij, Sr. Manager, Product Management Integration, Software AG

webMethods Ideas Portal is our new official feature request system for submitting, commenting and voting on ideas for our products.

Community highlights – Q3, 2022
By Toni Petrov, Manager Global Communities, Dev Marketing & Communities, Software AG

The past three months have been busy in the Tech Community. See what you might have missed in our latest community highlights.

Top members – Q3, 2022
By Toni Petrov, Manager Global Communities, Dev Marketing & Communities, Software AG

Let’s look back at our most prolific members in the past three months. Shoutout goes to every member of the Tech Community who is sharing their knowledge replying to questions, writing articles, leading events, asking questions or simply reading and learning from others!

Upcoming events - Q4, 2022
By Toni Petrov, Manager Global Communities, Dev Marketing & Communities, Software AG

Join us for upcoming events to learn about hot trends, new features, tips and tricks from peers and product experts.

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