webMethods Mainframe Integration release announcement October 2022

Take a non-invasive approach to integrating your mission-critical applications and data with new technologies. Create reusable services & APIs from COBOL, Natural, PL/1 or screens, modernize the user experience, and access and move data from virtually any platform. Check out what’s new:

webMethods ApplinX 10.15

  • Simplified API calls for easier implementation of REST-based server APIs
  • Support Java™ 11 for compile time
  • Certified Windows® 11, Windows Server® 22, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 9

webMethods EntireX 10.9

  • Support for CICS IPIC connections, as zero footprint on the z/OS mainframe, for both COMMERA and Channel/container, which reduces impact on host performance & reliance on mainframe skills
  • Flatten input and output structures to simplify REST APIs & reduce communication calls
  • Security enhancements - Support OpenSSL 3.0, encrypt passwords in configuration files and support passphrases for CICS socket listener
  • New option to “create Package” inside "Generate webMethods IS Connection” wizard

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