Adabas & Natural release announcement October 2023

Adabas & Natural

In keeping with our Adabas & Natural 2050+ agenda, we continue to extend our offerings and focus on solutions that help you protect, modernize and optimize your high-performing Adabas & Natural applications. With this release, we are pleased to introduce Natural Availability Server for Linux and Adabas Cluster for Linux, which together, ensure your Adabas & Natural applications match the highest level of availability provided by your underlying infrastructure. This release of Natural for Linux brings significant new features that enhance runtime performance, security and availability. It now supports 6 databases with the addition of MariaDB®.

Suite-wide License Key Check Harmonization:

  • We are pleased to announce an update to the license key check process. This update streamlines the license check behavior of all products in the Adabas & Natural suite, including EntireX and ApplinX, making it easier for you to manage your licenses.
  • The following are the key changes in this release:
    • The software will stop if the license key is invalid when the product is started.
    • The software will not stop if the license key is invalid while the product is already running.
    • If the zIIP™ license key is invalid, the zIIP functionality will stop and the product will continue to run on the General Processor (GP).
    • Emergency keys are now available 24x7 through the logistic center or support.
    • Warnings will be issued at least 40 days before the license key expires.
  • We hope these changes will make it easier for you to manage your licenses and ensure that your software is always compliant.
  • To learn more about this change, please visit our documentation website or contact our support team.

Adabas & Natural on IBM® z Systems®

Natural Batch for Db2® for zIIP now supports Static Db2 calls for faster and more secure access. This product extends our zIIP-enablement solutions to include Natural for Db2 applications running on Batch. Now you can gain even more GP reduction by shifting Db2 client and nucleus workload to zIIP. Realize up to 90% GP reduction on your core Natural application with Db2 clients and up to 60% reduction for the Db2 nucleus. The Db2 application can also be accessed remotely using a JDBC driver.

IBM z/OS 3.1
Software AG is proud to announce that the Adabas & Natural family of products will support IBM® z/OS® 3.1 starting Oct. 31, 2023. IBM z/OS plays an important role in providing a secure, scalable environment for the underlying transformation process in which organizations are embarking to deliver swift innovation. By leveraging the strengths of the computing power and resources of the IBM z Systems, Adabas & Natural users can now benefit from key innovations of this new release, including next-level security and resiliency.

To explore what platforms Software AG products support, please visit

Natural for z/OS 9.2.2 includes new features that increase security and developer productivity.

Natural Optimize Compiler and Predict for z/OS are now compliant with our license model. You will need the product licenses to install the latest version of these products.

You asked, we delivered!

  • READ DESC BY ISN is now available on all supported platforms including NaturalONE. You can read your ADABAS file starting from ISN on Descending order.

  • The WHICH command identifies which library from the STEPLIB the object is found.

In the Adabas for z/OS family of products, Adabas Review increased performance and provides better insight to the logs with summary by user. The Event Replicator Target Adapter provides various minor improvements. Entire Net-Work enhances stability and performance and it allows for larger statistics by exploiting the 64-Bit architecture.

The next release of Adabas for z/OS with Add-Ons is planned for October 2024.

Adabas Manager has added new administration features like queues and files for Adabas for z/OS.

Adabas & Natural for IBM z/OS Release Highlights

Natural for z/OS NAT 9.2.2 - Natural Optimize Complier is now compliant with our license model
- New web interface to monitor NDV servers
- Call 3GL (e.g., Cobol) programs on 64-bit mode
- Support TLS on debug attached server
- Statement enhancements READ DESC by ISN
- New System command WHICH tracks STEPLIB execution
- Allow RPC without ICU as prerequisite
- User exit USR9205N support SHA-256/512
- Add messages from external security tools in NDV
Predict PRD 8.6.1 - Support latest Db2 12 and 13
- Predict is now compliant with our license model
Natural Batch for Db2 for zIIP NDZBT 1.1.2 - Static mode access
- Performance enhancements
Natural Security NSC 9.2.2 - Maintenance release
Adabas for z/OS - The next release is planned for October 2024
Adabas Event Replicator Target Adapter ART 3.9.0 - Ships with minor improvements.
Adabas Review REV 5.3.1 - Performance has been enhanced. A utility now summarizes the review log by users for ease of recognition.
Entire Net-Work on z/OS WCP 6.6.1 - Increases stability
- Increases security support for administration of Entire Net-Work and Adabas Manager scenarios
- Improves performance for direct clients (TCPX) on Linux and z/OS
- Exploits 64-bit architecture to increment number of overall statistics data
Adabas Manager AMN 9.2 Adabas Manager continues to expand the number of capabilities that are administered for Adabas for z/OS
- Queues (User, Command, Hold)
- Checkpoints
- Files
- Parameters
- Adabas Utilities
- Interval Statistics

Adabas & Natural for Linux and Cloud

Natural for Linux 9.3.1 product family, in alignment with Natural for z/OS, provides new features and new statements as shown in the table below.

We continue to enhance performance on distributed architecture and increased the buffer size of multi fetch to 64Mb. Look for more to come in the next release.

Natural now supports 6 databases: Adabas, Db2®, Oracle®, MySQL®, PostgreSQL® and new support for MariaDB®.

Introducing Natural Availability Server. This new product ensures that your applications can continue to operate in case of serious incidents or disasters and is able to recover to an operational state within a reasonably short period of time. Combined with Adabas Cluster for Linux, your Adabas & Natural systems can realize the highest levels of availability provided by your underlying infrastructure.

The Adabas for Linux ecosystem continues to build robust security. It now supports encryption of PLOG, Backup and WORK files. Moreover, Microsoft Azure Vault is supported as the Key Management System.

Adabas is now highly available, on-prem and in the cloud: The new product Adabas Cluster for Linux, a primary secondary architecture with full client transparency on active and passive node switches, ensures high availability in distributed architectures.

Adabas Manager introduces parameters for Adabas Cluster for Linux and improves navigation for Adabas files via breadcrumbs.

Adabas & Natural for Linux and Cloud Release Highlights

Natural for Linux and Cloud NAT 9.3.1 - New statements
- COMPRESS now support Edit Mask
- Use Constant field in READ/WRITE work file
- *TIMESTMPX – new system variable
- Support new Db2 12/13 statements in Natural
- Multi Fetch now supports up to 64Mb buffer size
- SSL support on download PC
- New DB support for MariaDB
- New System command WHICH tracks steplib execution
- User exit USR9205N support SHA-256
Adabas for Linux ADA 7.2 - Role Based Access Control (RBAC): Initialization now uses block size at hand
- Read descending by ISN (L1 and L4 commands)
- New XI field option: Control uniqueness in PE
- Supports new Adabas Cluster for Linux enhancements
- Expiring license keys now issue warnings
Adabas Encryption for Linux AEL 7.2 - Encryption of PLOG and Backup files (BCK)
- Encryption of WORK files
- Support Azure Key Vault (Key management on Microsoft® Azure® cloud)
Adabas Cluster for Linux ADC 7.2 - New product (GA)
- Address High Availability (HA) and avoid Single Point of Failure (SPOF) for Adabas on Linux
- Multi-node cluster for Adabas on Linux
- Primary-secondary architecture
- Passive primary-switch, i.e., unforeseen primary-switch
- Active primary-switch, i.e., actively triggered primary-switch
- Transparency for Adabas client applications
- Transactional database atomicity guaranteed
- Backup and Restore
- File Mass update (Unload and Load)
Adabas Manager AMN 9.2 - Introduced Parameters for Adabas Cluster for Linux
- Improved navigation for Adabas files via breadcrumbs
Adabas SQL Gateway ACE 14.8 - Adabas SQL Gateway continues to enhance its interoperability with Adabas and improve the user experience and self-service.
- Support for Adabas Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and Adabas Cluster for Linux
- Web interface for License Administrator
- Improve Web interface for Data Dictionary
- Remember the number of occurrences for occurring fields from the last DDM import.
Adabas Event Replicator for Linux ARN** 14.8 - Allow the user to define the default state for a sync
- Enable Before Image capture for replicated change
Natural Availability Server - NEW! Increase availability in a distributed architecture
- Session Recovery: Eliminate single points of failure by adding redundancy to the system
- Automatic Failover
- Auto Scale in / Scale out
- Multi-site Availability
- Distributed, Shared Nothing architecture
- Rich web user interface
Natural Security NSC 9.3.1 - Maintenance release
Predict PRD 8.6.1 - Removed file number limit

NaturalONE and Natural for Ajax

NaturalONE 9.3.1
The default development environment supports the statement enhancements on Natural for z/OS and Natural for Linux and Cloud. DOWNLOAD PC FILE is now available on Natural for Linux.

Natural for Ajax 9.3.1
Introducing 2 new responsive controls: Card Control and Freeze column. With Card control, you can easily design web applications to look modern directly from Natural. Easily handle wide tables without losing view of your first column with Freeze column.



NaturalONE and Natural for Ajax Release Highlights

NaturalONE ONE 9.3.1 - DOWNLOAD PC FILE from Linux to NaturalONE
- New Natural for Linux statements
- COMPRESS with Edit Mask
-READ / WRITE WORKFILE using constant
Natural for Ajax NJX 9.3.1 - Improve accessibility usage for end users
- Allow private mode for workplace application
- Run Natural for Ajax as container image
- New responsive controls
- Card Control
- Allow column freeze in table
- Generate PDA for Natural for Ajax
- Improved documentation to include all relevant information for Natural for Ajax.

webMethods EntireX and webMethods ApplinX

The scheduled release date of the webMethods Mainframe Integration products EntireX and ApplinX has been postponed due to recent changes in Jakarta EE (formerly Java EE) standards for open-source components provided by the Eclipse foundation. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we take a little more time to ensure we deliver the best product that is compatible with the latest standards.