Release Announcement October 2021 - Adabas & Natural

Innovations continue for Adabas & Natural 2050+ with continued emphasis on our new security products: Adabas Encryption and Adabas Auditing for z/OS (introduced in Release Announcement April 2021 - Adabas & Natural). As well as enhancements for interoperability between z/OS®, Linux® and cloud platforms.

Adabas & Natural on IBM Z

With this release, you can now replicate your Adabas data to more targets and experience even better performance. The improved Replication Target Adapter now allows users to configure replication to a target of their choice. The new 64-bit replication pool for Event Replicator for Adabas increases your load & throughput.

Software AG is proud to announce that the Adabas & Natural family of products are now available on IBM® z/OS® 2.5. By leveraging the strengths of the IBM Z platform’s computing power and resources, IBM z/OS plays an important role in providing a secure, scalable environment for the underlying transformation process in which organizations are embarking to deliver swift innovation. Adabas & Natural users can now benefit from key innovations of this new release, including next-level security and resiliency.

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Adabas & Natural on Linux and Cloud

Natural for Linux multi fetch can now be configured on the session level with a maximum of 64kb of size and 1,024 number of records, giving you greater performance. Improvements to security are realized with support for longer user IDs and additional authentication checks for Natural users accessing Adabas.

Release Highlights

Adabas & Natural on IBM Z Release Highlights

Natural on z/OS    
  • Further performance improvements for Natural Optimize Compiler
Adabas on z/OS    
  • New configurable user-defined targets for Replication Target Adapter
  • 64-bit replication pool for Event Replicator for Adabas for increased load & throughput
  • Enhancements for Adabas Auditing
Adabas Encryption for z/OS   AEZ
  • Protects sensitive data stored in Adabas for z/OS
  • Encrypts data at rest
  • Leverages IBM Z high-speed pervasive encryption and key management technologies
Adabas Auditing for z/OS   ALA
  • Tracks all database operations (read and update)
  • Filtering to concentrate on sensitive data
  • Long-term archiving
  • Audit Viewer for root cause analysis on current and historical audit data
NaturalONE   ONE
  • Introduce Project Explorer
  • Support construct batch model

Adabas & Natural on Linux and Cloud Release Highlights

Natural   NAT 9.1.4  
  • Multi Fetch improvement on session level
  • Support of long user ID credential
Natural For Ajax   NJX 9.1.4  
  • New! Server side scrolling grid
  • Integrate with 3rd party icon library (including bootstrap)
  • Responsive drop down list
  • Support of Chromium browser engine (Including EDGE).
Adabas   ADA 7.0.1  
  • Trusted relationship for authentication of Natural users using Adabas

Entire System Management

Entire Systems Management increases automation of data center operations and reduce the costs of administration and operations. Entire Output Management is for automation and administration of output in an enterprise. Entire Operations is for automation of monitoring and control of all IT-supported production-processes for classical data-center operation. Entire System Server is the base technology for operating system access.

Entire System Management Release Highlights

Entire Operations   NOP 5.5.2  
  • Draft Support of Entire Operations GUI in Web
Entire Output Management   NOM 3.5.2  
  • Improved usability of Entire Output Management GUI client
  • Preliminary support Transfer Archive Utility

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