Adabas & Natural release announcement October 2022

Innovations keep coming for Adabas & Natural on our key platforms: IBM® z/OS®, Linux® and cloud. We are pleased to introduce Natural Batch for Db2® for zIIP™ and enhancements to our core products that accelerate performance. In keeping with our Adabas & Natural 2050+ agenda, we continue to extend our offerings and focus on solutions that help you protect, modernize and optimize your high-performing Adabas & Natural applications.

Adabas & Natural for z/OS

  • New zIIP product – Natural Batch for Db2 for zIIP
  • Enhanced statements on Natural for z/OS and NaturalONE
  • Adabas Manager: GUI-based administration for Adabas for z/OS

Adabas & Natural for Linux and Cloud

  • Multi-fetch support on statement level
  • New DB support for using Entire Access
    • PostgreSQL
    • My SQL
  • Trusted Channel between Natural and Adabas on Linux
  • Faster performance when writing PLOG

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