Release announcement October 2022 - Adabas & Natural

Adabas & Natural

Innovations keep coming for Adabas & Natural on our key platforms: IBM® z/OS®, Linux® and cloud. With this release, we are pleased to introduce Natural Batch for Db2® for zIIP® and enhancements to our core products that accelerate performance. In keeping with our Adabas & Natural 2050+ agenda, we continue to extend our offerings and focus on solutions that help you protect, modernize and optimize your high-performing Adabas & Natural applications.

Adabas & Natural on IBM Z

Natural Batch for Db2 for zIIP extends our zIIP-enablement solutions to include Natural for Db2 applications running on Batch. Now you can gain even more GP reduction by shifting Db2 client and nucleus workload to zIIP. Realize up to 90% GP reduction on your core Natural application with Db2 clients and up to 60% reduction for the Db2 nucleus. The Db2 application also be accessed remotely using a JDBC driver.

Natural for z/OS 9.2.1 includes new features that increase security and developer productivity.

Natural statements improved for easier coding include the ability to use Edit Mask directly on the COMPRESS statement; use constant instead of hard-coded number on your READ or WRITE work file; enhanced error message on MOVE BY NAME/POSITION statement with file name in case of mismatch error. The new statements are supported on NaturalONE and will be on Natural for Linux and cloud in the next release.

To support the large number of enhancements of IBM Db2 13, we added 20 new aliases and 21 new functions to Natural native SQL.

With our commitment to the Adabas & Natural 2050+, we introduced the new system variable *TIMESTMPX. This replaces the variable *TIMESTMP which will result in an error when used in arithmetic calculation in the year 2042. Please follow the documentation for supporting routines to help you with the migration.

Security matters! Long phrases are now supported for UserName and Password in all areas that your host will allow. This also applies to Natural for Linux and cloud, Natural RPC, NaturalONE and Natural for Ajax.

Adabas Manager introduces the first version of a GUI-based administration for the Adabas for z/OS.
The next release for Adabas for z/OS is planned for October 2023.

Release Highlights

Adabas & Natural on IBM Z Release Highlights
Natural for z/OS NAT 9.2.1 - Support new function levels on Db2 12 & Db2 13
- Long password support for RPC with impersonation
- Dynamic RPC trace
- Support 64bit Memory Cache for Global Buffer pool
- Roll server compresses more for better performance
- Improved Natural statements for easier coding
- New compiler option V82COMP
- SYSOBJH unload and load of FDT with extended fields
- Support of extended-format VSAM data sets
- Natural Optimizer Compiler improvements
Adabas Manager AMN 9.1 - GUI-based administration for Adabas Mainframe
Predict PRD 8.5.2 - Generate SYSOBJH WORKPLAN LISTs from Predict
- Support of extended-format VSAM data sets
Natural Batch for Db2 for zIIP NDZBT 1.1.1 - New product offering FCS/GA
- GP reduction for Natural for Db2
- Batch mode
Natural Security NSC 9.2.1 - Private-Mode on NaturalONE Library: allow command restrictions for processing Natural objects
- Single view library security profile maintenance logs
- More secure password for the NSC DBA user
Mainframe license check MLC 1.3.7 - Support of group LPAR and dedicated LPAR in single license

Adabas & Natural on Linux and Cloud

Natural for Linux 9.2.1 features two major changes. First, multi-fetch is now enhanced on statement level to allow the sizes of read operations to be refined more granularly. Second, connectivity is now provided to PostgreSQL® and MySQL Server® using Entire Access.

Adabas for Linux 7.1.1 continues to build robust security, it now provides a trusted channel between Natural and Adabas-based on SSL-certificates. In RBAC (Role Based Access Control) scenarios, this eliminates the need for custom user exit 21 code. Adabas Encryption for Linux can now encrypt additional disk files (BCK and PLOG). Both products have been improved to deliver faster performance.

Adabas Manager now shows the encryption state and properties of an encrypted DB. In addition, an encrypted DB can be created (ADAFRM).

Please note that documentation for Adabas & Natural on open systems will now be listed as Linux and Cloud instead of UNIX in alignment with our platform strategy (e.g., Natural for Linux and Cloud, Adabas on Linux and Cloud).

Adabas & Natural on Linux and Cloud Release Highlights
Natural for Linux NAT 9.2.1 - Multi fetch support on statement level
- SYSEXT enrich with more data
- New DB support for using Entire Access PostgreSQL and MySQL
- Dynamic RPC trace level
Adabas for Linux ADA 7.1.1 - Role Based Access Control (RBAC): Trusted Channel between Natural and Adabas on Linux
- Faster performance when writing PLOG
Adabas Encryption for Linux AEL 7.1.1 - Significantly improved performance
- Encryption of PLOG and BCK (with a Patch for AEL 7.1.1)
Adabas Manager AMN 9.1 - Show Encryption state and properties of encrypted DB
- Create encrypted DB (ADAFRM)
Natural Security NSC 9.2.1 - RPC support username as user ID
- New API maintenance log
- Provide additional error details
- SECLOAD, Loading external data from LDAP to FSEC
- More secure password for the NSC DBA user

NaturalONE and Natural for Ajax

NaturalONE 9.2.1, the default development environment, supports the statement enhancements on Natural for z/OS. Construct users can generate code with the user exit model and user define model with data based on your selected data view. Dark mode fans can now develop on dark mode using their favorite colors.

Natural for Ajax 9.2.1 includes more responsive controls so you can use your application on any desktop or mobile device.

NaturalONE and Natural for ajax Release Highlights
NaturalONE ONE 9.2.1 - Construct user exit model and user define model
- Improved performance of object list retrievale
- Support statements enhancements on Natural for z/OS
- Support VSAM extended support
- Color options available in dark mode
Natural for Ajax NJX 9.2.1 - Dependency view support for Ajax Layouts
- Date picker with customizable date formats
- Modal dialogs in responsive pages
- New responsive tree control
- Support SCSS (Sassy Cascading Style Sheets)
- Tutorial: Developing Responsive Applications

webMethods Mainframe Integration

Software AG provides a non-invasive approach to integrating your mission-critical applications and data with new technologies. Create reusable services & APIs from COBOL, Assembler, Natural or PL/1 with webMethods EntireX. Modernize the user experience for employees, partners and customers with modern, intuitive web and mobile interfaces with webMethods ApplinX. Access and move data from virtually any database on any platform to anywhere with CONNX. Our Mainframe Integration solutions can help you modernize and simplify application interoperability—putting your mainframe on equal footing with your digital initiatives.

webMethods ApplinX 10.15 offers new efficiencies for programmers and reduced impact on mainframe performance. The REST-based server APIs now allow “sendKeys” and “getScreen” commands in one API call, simplifying the implementation of API calls. ApplinX now supports Java™ 11 in compile time and the latest operating systems for Windows® 11, Windows Server® 2022 and Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 9.

webMethods EntireX 10.9 improves security and usability while reducing impact on host performance. Support for CICS IPIC connections for both COMMAREA and Channel/Containers calling conventions in a zero-footprint manner, eliminating the need to install anything on the host side. Security is enhanced with support for Open SSL 3.0, an option to encrypt passwords in configuration files and support passphrases with CICS Socket Listener.

EntireX now offers the option to ungroup or flatten input/output structures to simplify REST URLs and allow for more accurate input-output mappings, thus reducing communication for each call by sending just the required inputs or outputs instead of the whole structure as defined in the COBOL or Natural programs. A new option to “create Package” inside our “Generate webMethods IS Connection” wizard improves usability. EntireX supports Java™ 11 in compile time, IBM® WebSphere® Liberty, and latest operating systems for Windows® 11, Windows Server® 2022 and Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 9.

Mainframe Integration
webMethods ApplinX APX 10.15 - Simplified API calls for easier implementation of REST-based server APIs
- Support Java 11 for compile time
- Certified Windows 11, Windows Server 22, Red Hat Enteprise Linux 9
webMethods EntireX EXX 10.9 - Support the CICS IPIC protocol
- Flatten input and output structures to simplify REST APIs & reduce communication calls
- Support OpenSSL 3.0 to encrypt passwords and support passphrases (i.e., ETBINFO)
- Offer option to “create Package” in our "Generate webMethods IS Connection” wizard in Software AG IDL
- Certify Windows 11, Windows Server 22, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9
- Update to Java 11 for compile time
- Support IBM WebSphere Liberty server


For enterprises who need to unlock the value of mainframe data for business analytics, cloud or digital transformation, Software AG provides CONNX, a data integration solution, that enables you to easily access, virtualize or move your data—wherever it is, however it’s structured—without changing your core systems.

CONNX 14.7 continues to improve the user experience during administration by providing web interface to the user. The web interface utilizes a Rest API for direct access allowing customers to integrate CONNX administration into their workflow with ease.

CONNX 14.7 Feature highlights
CONNX CXI 14.7 - Streamline installation process
- Extend web user interface for Data Dictionary and Configuration Manager
- Added Rest API interface for Data Dictionary and Configuration Manager

Entire System Management

Entire Systems Management increases automation of data center operations and reduce the costs of administration and operations. Entire Output Management is for automation and administration of output in an enterprise. Entire Operations is for automation of monitoring and control of all IT-supported production-processes for classical data-center operation. Entire System Server is the base technology for operating system access.

Entire System Management
Entire Operations NOP 5.5.2 - Maintenance version
- Provide Exact number of runs on CUI-Active-Queue
- Web front end for reduced set of functions (Test version)
- Support of the new adpater ESA
Entire Output Management NOM 3.5.2 - Support of interval architecture
- Support of the new adapter ESA
Entire System Server MF NPR 3.7.2 - Maintenance version
Entire System Server Open Systems NPR 2.1.16 - Maintenance version

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