Release Announcement January 2021 - Adabas & Natural

Innovations keep coming for Adabas & Natural on our key platform IBM Z. In keeping with our Adabas & Natural 2050+ agenda, we continue to extend our offerings and focus on solutions that help you protect, modernize and optimize your high-performing Adabas & Natural applications.

Adabas & Natural on IBM Z

Highlights in this release of Adabas & Natural on IBM Z include security feature with Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) with one-time password authentication support integrated into NaturalONE for Natural Development Server (NDV).
You can now offload even more workload to zIIP with roll server support for Natural for Com-plete for zIIP.

Release Highlights

Adabas & Natural on IBM Z Release Highlights

Natural Mainframe*   NAT 8.2.8/9.12  
  • Natural Development Server (NDV)
  • MFA (Multi-factor authentication) support
  • One-time password authentication support
  • Support of long password (RPC/ONE)
Predict   PRD
  • Support new feature in DB2/V12
  • Predict Plug-In in ONE: DevOps - Support Adabas DB assets for continuous integration/deployment
Natural for zIIP   NCF
  • Natural for Com-plete for zIIP supports new roll server
Natural for DB2   NDB
  • Support shared memory objects above the bar, no size limit in 64bit.

*In this release, Natural for Mainframe includes features for BS2000 and z/VSE platforms.

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