Adabas & Natural April 2019 Release

The Adabas & Natural April 2019 release also comprises new releases for EntireX, ApplinX and CONNX. As one important element of Software AG’s “Adabas & Natural 2050+ Agenda” the new release supports customers in optimizing and modernizing their mission- and business-critical Adabas & Natural applications to fully harness the innovation potential.


  • Natural Version V9 for mainframe for z/VSE and BS2000
    • attracts new talent and delivers innovation faster by embracing Eclipse-based and DevOps ready NaturalONE, which now becomes the default development environment for Natural, replacing the green-screen Natural Editors,
    • allows users to specify long passwords - Passphrases up to a length of 128 with Natural Security.
  • New versions of the ESM (Entire Systems Management) products
    • Entire Output Management allows you to create reports on UNIX/Linux for all target platforms, especially the mainframe.
    • Entire Operations has been improved to produce more accounting data and allows users to analyze this data using the GUI Client.
  • Adabas Review and Entire Net-Work are now available on z/VSE and BS2000.
  • Event Replicator for Adabas
    • Available for z/VSE and BS2000
    • Improve high-availability for replication by using a persistent store that keeps data from transactions that are not committed by the target system.
    • New target adapter for webMethods Integration Server to connect to additional applications and big data targets
    • Target Adapter for Terracotta now supports Terracotta DB
    • New target adapter for Adabas LUW
    • End-to-end monitoring of replication scenarios to provide full visibility and transparency

Learn more about the highlights of the April 2019 release in the release overview document: