Release Announcement October 2021 - Mainframe Integration

Software AG provides a non-invasive approach to integrating your mission-critical applications and data with new technologies. Create reusable services & APIs from COBOL, Assembler, Natural or PL/1 with webMethods EntireX . Modernize the user experience for employees, partners and customers with modern, intuitive web and mobile interfaces with webMethods ApplinX . Access and move data from virtually any database on any platform to anywhere with CONNX . Our Mainframe Integration solutions can help you modernize and simplify application interoperability—putting your mainframe on equal footing with your digital initiatives.

webMethods ApplinX 10.11 now includes the functionality of the Natural Screen Tester product so you can easily generate Unit Tests out of your existing ApplinX procedures for fast validation of code change impacts and regression testing. The Natural-IO protocol is now supported so a secure SSL connection can be made to hosts running Natural on Linux. The REST-based server API has been improved to allow you to connect/disconnect a session, to get or update a screen, to deploy a procedure group and execute a procedure or use generated pages for a complete design change. This REST API give you more flexibility to use technologies you choose to design your front-end implementation when transforming your green screens applications for web or mobile access. A new API for handling printing sessions lets you connect to your printer session without the need for a Java® installation on the client machine.

webMethods EntireX 10.8 Enhances security with additional PassTickets for authenticating more z/OS connections as well as encrypting passwords for scripts and configuration files. A new entry in documentation for “Monitoring EntireX” provides a summary of all monitoring approaches.

CONNX 14.6 supports a new web-based user interface this release and adds a DB Adapter for the Snowflake® data lake on the cloud. See the CONNX Release announcement for more details.

Mainframe Integration Release Highlights

webMethods EntireX   EXX 10.8  
  • PassTickets for CICS ECI and IMS Connect connections
  • Encrypted Password for EntireX Monitoring Scripts
  • Encrypted Password for ETBINFO and ETBCMD
  • “Monitoring EntireX” documentation shows the various approaches
webMethods ApplinX   APX 10.11  
  • Natural-IO protocol to allow a secured SSL connection to a Natural UNIX host without the need of a third-party component
  • Screen test automation capabilities for DevOps
  • Printing APIs to provide an additional means of activating a mainframe or AS/400 printer sessions.
  • Generated pages and execute procedures using the ApplinX REST APIs
CONNX   CXA 14.6  
  • Preview of new easy to use web-based interface for the CONNX Data Dictionary Manager.
  • Preview of new Full REST API access to all CONNX Data Dictionary functions for CI/CD
  • TLS support for PostgreSQL
  • Partition Table support for Adabas - access files across multiple Adabas databases seamlessly from a single SQL statement.
  • Bulk Insert, Update, and Delete support for non-relational data sources.