Community Highlights - Q3, 2022

The past three months have been really busy in the Tech Community. See what you might have missed below :slight_smile:

Feedback and Ideas section

You can now share your feedback not only about the Tech Community, but any product or platform. We have introduced:

  • Community news, tips & tricks - Discover new features, community enhancements, and user guides.
  • Feature requests - Let us know how we can improve! Share your ideas and feature requests. What will help you do your job better? What do you like or dislike in Software AG’s products, solutions and platform?
  • Coffee break (discuss anything) - This is the place to discuss topics that don’t have a “right” answer and talk about anything.
  • Hecktoberfest - For the month of October we are giving you the opportunity to post things that made your head tilt sideways wondering: “What the Heck?” Why is this like that? Read more below

iPaaS Puzzle

In September, we launched the iPaaS Puzzles. The idea is simple - we challenge ourselves with a puzzle that is fun to solve, brings value, and at the same time is a great way to improve our integration skills. We are currently at the 3rd iPaaS Puzzle: Who’s Country is improving the most on the UN Sustainable Development Goals?
See also the previous riddles and how members like @anela.osmanovic solved them.

webMethods Community Get-Together

We experimented with a new, more engaging, webinar format last month. 30 minutes update and the rest of the time quickly answering all of your questions. Check out the recordings of both webinars and let us know in the comments how you like them. We are planning on doing more of these in the near future.

Cumulocity IoT Aug 2022 update

The latest release of Cumulocity IoT, version 10.13 , is now available, and we’ve focused on enabling our customers to remain competitive, innovative, and to drive revenue – be smarter and faster in a world that constantly demands faster and better results.

IoT Survey

Please fill in our *** Cumulocity IoT Developer Survey 2022 ***
Let us know what is important to you and what we should do to bring the best developer experience for you.
The whole survey will only take ~5 min of your time.


We invite you to take part in our WTH October (Hecktoberfest)!
It is the right place to share with everyone your very own “what/why the heck? !” moments you experience when using our software or services. We would like to collect these, hopefully solve/clarify some of them or put them into our development pipeline.


Most valuable contributor award

In August we presented our long time Community Guru Rob Eamon @reamon with our Most valuable contributor award. Rob has been a member of our forums for more than a decade and his posts have helped thousands of users. His comments are always very insightful and bring value to any conversation. With the knowledge he’s sharing and his honest feedback Rob has been really inspirational for our team and the whole community!

Top Members of the quarter

Cheers to our :trophy: Top Community members and Most Valuable Contributors

You rock! :guitar: :metal: :sparkles:

TECHniques Issue 3

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