Cumulocity IoT Aug 2022 update

The latest release of Cumulocity IoT, version 10.13, is now available - and we’ve focused on enabling our customers to remain competitive, innovative, and to drive revenue – be smarter and faster in a world that constantly demands faster and better results.

Support for custom LPWAN device protocols allows LoRa device manufacturers and customers to create a device protocol for a plug & play integration of any of their devices.

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Security improvement for Token-Based Authentication – increase platform security by making a shift from using (insecure) basic authentication, towards the usage of secure token-based authentication.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) App support for integrating production plan and shifting plan data. Easily shift plan data for your equipment from your production planning system, with a new adapter. This adapter allows to efficiently create custom integrations in an easy to use low-code environment, increase speed-to-market for your IoT projects, while shortening response times, improving reliability and reducing upstream bandwidth.

Remote diagnostics for Edge deployments enable users to maximize edge device uptime by actively monitoring device health, remote troubleshooting and fixing unhealthy edge devices faster. Responding to issues remotely rather than needing to deploy a technician on-site is now possible

A new Ecosystem view provides clearer and more intuitive navigation and organization capabilities for Applications and Microservices. Previously named the Applications view, the Ecosystem view now hosts a newly designed UI for the Applications and Microservices pages.

Improved performance for inventory roles creates an enhanced user experience, streamlining processes and decreasing load times when filtering and searching for devices

Expanded Machine Learning capabilities now include matrix profile anomaly detection. This new model offers a domain-agnostic and parameter-free way of performing anomaly detection on Time Series data. This will allow users to set up performant anomaly monitors using normal operation data

Many other new additions

This release of Cumulocity IoT contains numerous other additions, updates and fixes. Far too many to mention here. You can refer to the Cumulocity IoT 10.13 release notes for the full details on everything included in this release.

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