Migrate API Portal 10.7 to Developer Portal 10.11

Migrate API Portal 10.7 to Developer Portal 10.11


In 10.11 release, we have introduced a new product called Developer Portal, which will replace the API Portal. This article will help you migrate your assets from API Portal 10.7 to Developer Portal 10.11.

Assets that can be migrated

The assets which are listed below can be migrated from API Portal 10.7 to Developer Portal 10.11,

  • Packages
  • Applications
  • Providers
  • Communities and teams
  • Users and groups
  • UMC configurations (LDAP, SMTP, Policies, MFA).
  • Transactions events and transactional logs for APIs (analytics)
  • API followers and ratings (collaboration)


The following limitations are applicable.

  • You cannot migrate UI themes, or collaboration data such as topics and comments
  • If you have any private communities that include users with the API consumer role as the Community administrator, these users will not have Community administrator rights after the migration
  • Client SDK download support is not available (аs of Jun 2022)


The following prerequisites should be taken care before proceeding with the migration.

  • Install the latest product fix on top of API Portal
  • If any user registrations are waiting to be approved, complete the approvals in API Portal

Steps to follow

  • Trigger the backup by invoking the REST endpoint as Administrator. The command below shows how to back up all modules. If you only want to migrate certain modules, specify only those modules on the command.

    POST http://localhost:18101/abs/apirepository/migration/backup
    "modules": ["User","Core","Collaboration","Analytic_Metrics","Analytic_Events"]

    You will see a progress “id” handle such as the following in the response:

      "id": "fb0fda97-996d-4163-bbb0-b1ce6a7a2090",
      "_self": "/abs/apirepository/migration/status/fb0fda97-996d-4163-bbb0-b1ce6a7a2090"
  • Check the status of the backup by invoking the following endpoint:

    GET http://localhost:18101/abs/apirepository/migration/status/{id}

    Check until the status returned is SUCCEEDED.

  • Download the backup archive file by invoking the REST endpoint as shown below, using the same “id”.

    GET http://localhost:18101/abs/apirepository/migration/status/{id}/backup

    The backup file will be created with .zip extension.

Next steps

Follow these steps to restore the backup in Developer Portal.

  • Start the new Developer Portal and login as a user with Administrator privileges.
  • Go to Administration > Backup and Restore, click Restore, and then select the modules you backed up earlier.
  • Upload the backup zip file and then click Restore.
  • Data restore will be successful.

Additional steps

If you have published APIs from the API Gateway, the following changes should be made in the API Gateway.

  • Login to the API Gateway as Administrator
  • Navigate to Administration → Destination, expand the “API Portal” section and click “Configuration”
  • Under the “Portal configuration” section, add the “/portal” context to the existing URL available in the Base URL textbox
    Example: Change “http://hostname:18101/” to “http://hostname:18101/portal
  • Update the respective username and password fields and click the “Publish” button to complete the destination configuration


During status check of the backup action, if the returned status is “FAILED,” the partial backup file will be created in the following location, <Install_dir>\API_Portal\server\bin\work\work_apiportalbundle_s\base\temp
On extraction of this zip, there will be the “core_result.pdf” file inside the “Core/backup.zip” location, which contains information about the total assets and failed assets in a summary format.

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