Migrating to API Gateway 10.5 using Backup mode for cluster

webMethods API Gateway tutorial

Authors: Madharsha, Sadiq (sadm@softwareag.com) & Rizwan, Mohammed (mriz@softwareag.com)
Supported Versions: 10.5

Note: For migrating to API Gateway version below 10.5 using Backup mode for cluster please refer Migrating API Gateway cluster using Backup mode.

Overview of the tutorial

Migrating to API Gateway 10.5 from lower versions using backup mode is not straightforward after 10.5 upgraded its Internal Elasticsearch version to 7.2.0. That means, recovering the backup data of a lower version into 7.2.0 is not supported by Elasticsearch. Fortunately there is a workaround and this tutorial explains in detail the different approach and steps needed for migrating to a standalone API Gateway 10.5 using a backup taken from a lower version.

Please read this for more details. [Content has been moved to Github]