Post Message in Slack Channel for operation in Developer Portal


This article describes a business use case that will post messages to Slack channel for operations carried out in webMethods Developer Portal.


  • User should have a working Integration cloud tenant.

  • User should have a working Slack account.

  • Access to Developer Portal on the cloud tenant.


  1. Login to Integration tenant and create a Workflow.

  2. Create a new project or choose an existing project.

  3. Click on the Import icon at the top right corner to import the workflow into your project.

  4. Select the archive file “” shared in the article.

  5. The workflow name and description are preloaded.

  6. Authorize Slack by either Default or Manual configuration.

  7. Select the channel from the dropdown on successful authorization.

  8. Click on “Import” to import the workflow into your project.

  9. The workflow is imported successfully, enabled, and ready to use.

  10. Provide mandatory inputs and map the appropriate fields from the webhook trigger to “Post Message To Channel” step, to form a proper text message to be posted to the Slack channel.

  11. Click Next and save the workflow.

  12. Edit the webhook connector and select the proper “webhook authentication” type.

  13. Copy the Webhook URL and save the workflow.

  14. Login to webMethods Developer Portal.

  15. Click on the profile icon then on Administration and go to Webhooks in the side navigation.

  16. Click on “Create” button and paste the webhook URL copied from flow into the URL field.

  17. Select Type as “Provider” and pass the security credentials to trigger the flow.

  18. Select the event type on which the webhook is to be triggered.

  19. Select the “Invoke Try API option” to try now and can be used for any available event type.

  20. Invoke an API from the API gallery to test the workflow.

  21. The webhook will trigger the workflow and the message will be posted on Slack.

  22. Now check the Slack channel for the message posted.

Next steps

Would you like to carry out some operations on the Developer Portal by posting a message in Slack channel? Please follow the steps in the post: Invoke webMethods Developer Portal REST APIs by posting a message in the Slack channel

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Very well explained with the webhook concepts available in Developer Portal

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