TECHniques - Issue 3, 2023

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As the hot days approach, we’ve handpicked some cool content for you. Explore our favorite techie blogs, deep-dive articles, IUG recap, and community news.

Hot Topic

Esper to Apama migration use case story
By Roopesh Natarajan, Delivery Manager, Managed Services, Software AG

Discover best practices from the seamless transition from Esper to Apama our PS team completed recently, showcasing the benefits and success of migration in the software realm.

International User Groups Conference 2023 – recap
By Tina Frey, Sr Manager, Global Events, Software AG

Dive into the highlights of the International User Groups Conference 2023 where experts shared valuable insights and fostered collaboration.

What’s New

New Fast Track Services release: Empower your webMethods development skills
By Rachel Carr, Marketing Manager, Customer Experience, Software AG

Unleash the full potential of your webMethods development skills with the exciting release of Fast Track Services, empowering you to accelerate and optimize your development process like never before.

Creating an AI ChatBot using WhatsApp – ChatGPT integration with
By Srinidhi B A, Senior Consultant, Integration & API, Software AG

Explore the combination of WhatsApp and ChatGPT in to uncover the power of building your very own AI chatbot.

“The best stories are yours” series – part 5
By Customer Advocacy Marketing, Software AG

Read about some of our latest customer success stories and get inspired by how other companies are successfully implementing Software AG products in their digital transformation initiatives.

Techie Deep Dive

Performing Machine Learning Inference on Cumulocity IoT Data using Open-Source Frameworks
By Kanishk Chaturvedi, Solution Architect, IoT Solution Architects EMEA & NAM, Software AG

Learn how to leverage open-source frameworks to do machine learning inference on Cumulocity IoT data, revealing insightful information that can be used to make informed decisions.

Secure and Robust Database Connectors with
By Dave Pemberton, Sr Director, Product Management, Integration PM, Software AG

Connecting to a database is one of the most rudimentary tasks a developer might encounter. However, despite appearing as a simple bit of code, database connections can be a source of significant problems and potential security vulnerabilities.

The Cumulocity IoT Domain Model – How to design a good domain model
By Stefan Witschel, Ecosystem Manager, IoT Ecosystem, Software AG

Ensure a solid foundation for your IoT projects – valuable insights and best practices for designing a robust domain model in Cumulocity IoT.

Managing device alarms in Cumulocity IoT in a functional style
By Matthew Johnson, Software Architect, IoT & Analytics Apama Platform, Software AG

Learn how to implement an alarm clearing in Cumulocity IoT using various functional operations provided by the EPL Functional Library.


Announcing the webMethods Community Champions
By Toni Petrov, Manager Global Communities, Dev Marketing & Communities, Software AG

Read more about the launch of our new webMethods Community Champions program. Earn points by contributing, and you can become a webMethods Champion!

The IoT Community Champions Q2 2023!
By Stefan Witschel, Ecosystem Manager, IoT Ecosystem, Software AG

Meet the new IoT Community Champions of this year’s second quarter and join us in congratulating them for their amazing support & contribution to the IoT Community.

The results of the IoT Hackathon 2023
By Stefan Witschel, Ecosystem Manager, IoT Ecosystem, Software AG

On 14th June 2023, we had our first IoT Hackathon at the International User Group Conference 2023 in Budapest. Meet the teams and their projects in this recap.

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