The IoT Community Champions Q2 2023!

IoT Community Champions - Q2 2023

For the second time in this year I’m very happy top announce our next 10 IoT Community Champions of Q2 2023:

Position Name Points
1 @Kai_Sieben 1282
2 @Darpankumar_Lalani 1203
3 @Reuben_Miller2 1166
4 @Tristan_Bastian 1093
5 @Christian_Guether1 1044
6 @Christof_Strack 932
7 @Rahul.Talreja_emp 914
8 @Jan_Hommes 905
9 @yiz 899
10 @Harald_Meyer 832

Rockstar 1

Again a very big CONGRATULATION for your amazing support & contribution to the IoT Community!

I really like the mixture of Q1 2023 awarded IoT Champions who defended their position and new rising stars who started or increased their activity in Q2 to become one of top 10 IoT Champions in the community!

You’ll be contacted to ask for your shirt sizes, preferences and shipping addresses to get your prizes shipped to you.

Beside that you have been granted the very limited “IoT Community Champion” Badge in the Tech Community!



For Q2 I slightly adapted the rating to honor new “rising stars” and additional content. Here are the criteria I rated:

  • Tech Community points & rating which can be reviewed here: Software AG Tech Community & Forums (Factor 1:1)
  • OS Activity & Contribution which has been monitored around Cumulocity IoT (Factor 1:100 per repository which was created, maintained or contributed to in this period).
  • IoT Developer Event Speaker (Factor 1:300)
  • IoT Knowledge Base Article published in the Tech Community (Factor 1:100)
  • IoT Tech Videos published at YouTube or Tech Community (Factor 1:100)
  • Rising Star - user who did no awarded IoT Community Champion in the past got additional 200 points.

Will you be the IoT Community Champion of Q3?

For all of you who did not make it to the top 10 in Q2: Q3 has just started. Choose one or all of the criteria above and contribute!
Either you are active in the community, focus on open-source contribution or knowledge-base articles. All of them is highly appreciated and will be recognized! If you have additional content you wanted to share, make sure to approach me or just post them here in the comments!

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