webMethods Community Champions Q4 2023!

Kudos to the ten most prolific and helpful members of the webMethods Community in the last quarter of 2023! It’s great to see new faces and people with decades of experience sharing knowledge, and supporting each other!

Champion name Connect via Tech Community
Holger von Thomsen @Holger_von_Thomsen
Rob Eamon @reamon
Engin SARLAK @engin_arlak
Nagendra Prasad @Nagendra_Prasad
Christoph Jahn @jahntech.cj
Vikash Sharma @Vikash_Sharma1
John Carter @John_Carter4
Dinesh Janarthanam @DINESH_J
Kasi Mugada @Venkata_Kasi_Viswanath_Mugada1
Chancerel Codjovi @codrelphi

Thank you all for the great 2023 and cheers to an even better 2024!
Despicable Me gif. A huge crowd of minions cheers enthusiastically, dancing together, jumping up and down, raising their arms, as a spot light pans over them.


Congratulations! Well done folks! :cake: :birthday: :moon_cake:


I am really happy to be listed in this list: great honor for me. Let’s continue together to share our knowledges and experiences about webMethods.


Congrats to everyone.
It gives me the sense of pride when i am able to contribute to webMethods community
@toni.petrov Thanks for sharing it


Hello @toni.petrov

I think it will be nice if in the future the webMethods community champions receive some stuffs/goodies like what is doing in the IoT community

Hi @codrelphi,

Yes, we have that! I’ve sent you a PM to see how we can ship your gift :slight_smile:

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Do we get new gifts for each quarter?

That would be nice, but currently, it’s not each quarter.