The IoT Community Awards - Your chance to become an IoT Community Champion!

The IoT Community Awards

I’m very happy to announce the IoT Community Awards ! This is your chance to become an …

What is it about?

Every quarter in 2023 we want to honor those who are active in the IoT Community. In the end of each quarter we will identify the 10 most active & valuable members of the community and honor them by granting them the official title IoT Community Champion.

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What is in for you?

Beside the recognition by the whole community, a unique title & badge IoT Community Champion each champion will get an exclusively nice goodie package containing:

How to attend?

You can attend by contributing any kind of content valuable for the IoT community. This can be one or multiple of the following:

  • A Knowledge Base Article
  • Forum Post
  • Providing (correct) answers to forum posts
  • Receiving likes
  • Contributing and sharing an open-source component for Cumulocity IoT
  • Attending & Speaking on IoT Developer Events

It’s not all about quantity but also quality which counts. Each end of quarter a jury will decide who will be awarded as IoT Community Champion. The winners will be announced in a public article at Tech Community (of course only if you agree to be mentioned).

Be assured, we will scan the tech community and github repos to identify you as a champion but if you want to make sure add a comment to this article with your achievement you want to highlight to the community.

Who can attend?

This award is open for everyone who is registered at Tech Community and is active in the IoT community (SAG and non-SAG employees). Still, we cannot guarantee a seamless shipping of the goodie package in all countries due to some tax regulations & possible shipping restrictions.

Let’s go!

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I’m super excited to see your contribution to the IoT community and looking forward for the first 10 IoT Community Champions ever end of Q1 2023!


That’s it for Q1

Q1 ended and the winners will be now evaluated and announced soon!

An end is always a start…

Q2 just started so make sure keep being active in the community to be one of the winners of Q2 2023!

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