webMethods Community Champions Q3 2023!

It’s almost the middle of October and we haven’t yet announced last quarter’s champions - the people behind the growth of the webMethods Community! Cheers to the webMethods Community Champions for Q3 of 2023:

Champion name Connect via Tech Community
Holger von Thomsen @Holger_von_Thomsen
Engin SARLAK @engin_arlak
Rob Eamon @reamon
Dinesh Janarthanam @DINESH_J
John Carter @John_Carter4
Vikash Sharma @Vikash_Sharma1
Nagendra Prasad @Nagendra_Prasad
Kalpshekhar Gupta @Kalpshekhar_Gupta

Thank you all for your time, knowledge, and active participation in every way possible. Your dedication is crucial for maintaining a thriving community where we share knowledge, address challenges, and craft solutions together.

Become a Champion

Q4 has started and you can be the next one to join the webMethods Champions Club! Here is how you can contribute:


In my quest to purge “best practice” from the vernacular I humbly request the bullet be edited to say something like “Share the practices that have worked well for you”.


Thanks for the edit Toni!

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Rob’s best practice is not having any best practices. Oh wait!