API Security with webMethods API Management and Noname Security


APIs are everywhere. They drive everything in this current economy. Enterprises are dependent on APIs for their mission-critical operations. This makes API security of the utmost importance for every organization. According to a recent Gartner CIO and Technical Executive survey, cyber and information security are at the top of the list for planned investments in 2022. This is not surprising as business leaders are feeling the pressure to put budget and resources behind cybersecurity to protect their APIs, data, customers, and the reputation of their companies.

The first level of defense – managing APIs with an API management solution – allows you to govern your APIs and apply consistent security policies, such as authentication, coarse-granular authorization, data validation, threat protection, and throttling of API requests. But as attackers raise the bar, you will need to step up your game for API security. The OWASP Top 10 for API Security shows new security threats – mainly based on logic errors in the API implementations themselves. To catch these, you’ll need to upgrade your security engineering and testing practices.

Earlier this year, we announced enhanced API security capabilities which address these security requirements through partnerships with leading API security vendors, including Noname Security. In this quick demonstration you’ll see how easy it is to integrate webMethods API Management with Noname Security for enhanced posture mangement and runtime protection.


If you’d like to learn more about Noname Security and their solution, I recommend you read this blog post and watch the interview at the end.

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