2023 and beyond - Top 3 API Platform Trends


APIs are accelerating innovation across businesses in ways we never dreamt were possible. APIs are proven catalysts for revenue growth, and the emerging API trends promise to deliver even higher value as we look ahead into 2023.

API security is more crucial than ever

Trust no one and put integrity at the heart of your APIs - both the ones you own and the ones you use. For your own APIs, Software AG API Gateway features and helps you with implementing many of the security best practices like authentication (AuthN), authorization (AuthZ), rate-limiting, validating API contract, data masking, etc. Agnostic to all APIs, at the platform level, preferably, at the edge, you can leverage Software AG API Gateway’s threat protection features, such as Denial of Service (DoS), SQL Injection, JSON/XML Threat Protection, Payload size limits, Antivirus scanning, etc.

And it does not end there! Software AG’s industry-leading full lifecycle API Management platform continues to grow its ecosystem of partners that provide the highest level of API security. For further details, please refer: Software AG enhances API security capabilities through new partnerships with Cequence Security, Salt Security, and Noname Security.

For integrating webMethods API Management and Noname Security, please refer to this article.

What is the right choice for my APIs?

There are a number of established and emerging standards that are available in the API space, from REST to GraphQL to gRPC - but with them comes a lot of hype, dogma, and misinformation. It can be quite daunting trying to decide which one serves you best. The answer is: “it depends”. Each standard has its advantages, but they always come with trade-offs too.

Thus far, REST is the most commonly adopted standard for web-based APIs. It is incredibly easy to get started with a rich set of languages support, and more importantly, it works natively with web browsers (unlike gRPC which is limited in browser support). If your API is generic and will be used by a diversified set of client applications, REST might still be your best bet.

If your API is more likely to be consumed by different consumer applications that require a dynamic set of data elements, GraphQL might be the best choice for you. It allows the consumer apps to create their own unique queries and get only the specific data that they need.

For fast, effective data exchange between your internal microservices, gRPC might be the fitting choice.

Sometimes, your needs may best be served by a combination of technologies. Software AG API Management platform offers best-in-class capabilities for many different protocol styles and standards (e.g., REST, GraphQL, SOAP, asynchronous API patterns). For details, please refer: Software AG API Gateway - Documentation

May the best API win!

How to build a great Developer Experience (DX)?

Developer experience (DX) defines how easy it is for a developer to implement a task, and the overall feel and perception one gets while working with your APIs. The word, “working”, got two meanings here:

  • The developer may be creating and implementing your APIs. Here we are dealing with the provider’s developer experience.
  • The developer is using your APIs. Here we are dealing with your consumer’s developer experience.

Developer Experience is all about optimizing the developers’ journey, workflows, documentation and more, so that they can have a more delightful experience.

If the developer does not like the DX of your APIs, it will not even get shortlisted. Those developers are more likely your potential buyers in the emerging trend.

Software AG API Management Platform gives you a good way to accomplish a smooth Developer Experience(DX). Your internal developers (a.k.a., API Providers) can benefit from an easy-to-use, low-code/no-code User Experience (UX) that Software AG API Gateway offers for implementing the policies (security, rate-limiting etc.). For top-rated consumer experience, Software AG Developer Portal can be a good help. It can serve as the storefront for your consumers (developers) to find, try and buy your APIs.

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