Secure your APIs!


Lately, API security has become an extremely hot topic. Take a quick glance at the OWASP Top 10 for API Security and you can see the types of threats that are emerging. Furthermore, as more and more businesses depend on publicly available APIs for things like mobile application support and business-to-business transactions, API security will only become more important.

While there are many nuances to API security, the webMethods API Gateway provides a number of features to harden your API landscape against nefarious forces. One of the most powerful tools provided by the gateway is the set of available Threat Protection policies. These policies are used to analyze requests and, in the case of policy violations, send an alert and even block requests from even hitting the target API.

For a deeper dive into the available policies and how they work, check out this article. For an even deeper dive, there is an on-demand webinar also available.