IoT Developer Survey 2022

Cumulocity IoT Developer Survey 2022



For the first (but not the last) time we ask all developers for IoT for their opinion. The goal is to centrally collect feedback about the IoT Developer Experience and the content we are providing. With the collected insights & results we will improve our service and offerings for developers to give you the best developer experience thinkable using our products!


The survey is open for anyone but we kindly ask you to only participate once. The whole survey is fully anonymous - no personal data nor user data will be stored. There are different kind of questions some of them are required and some optional (mostly free text fields).

If we have enough participation some of the results will be shared with the community e.g. programming languages & IoT protocols.


You can easily participate by using the link posted here or below on your smartphone or your computer: *** Cumulocity IoT Developer Survey 2022 ***

The whole survey will only take ~5 min of your time.

Feedback & Questions

If you have any feedback or questions about this survey please comment this post or write me a PM

Thank you for your support & your participation

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Reminder for participation: If you didn’t participate yet please do it now. It will only take ~5 mins of your time!

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