Results from IoT Developer Survey 2022



In Q3 I have created the first IoT Developer Survey 2022
Here I wanted to share some results of that survey.


In total, we had only 11 responses. This is definitely improvable for the next survey :wink:


What software artifacts do you usually develop?

The results are pretty mixed with a high on Microservices and Device Agents.

What programming language do you prefer?

Java is the programming language to be.

Which IoT protocols are most important?

MQTT is in the lead, followed by REST and LoRA.

Most preferred way to consume developer content

Official Documentation is most important followed by code examples and tech articles. Videos and 3rd Party platforms are not very well accepted.

How would you rate the Developer Experience?

3.64 of 5 - There is space to improve!

Things you propose are

“need better starting points for beginners. more guidance because there are too much information available”

"An SDK for accessing C8Y database Better REST filtering capabilities, especially on hierarchical queries (GraphQL?)"

"Better documentation on SDKs and components they provide. Make it easier to find relevant documentation. Beginner friendly guides on various topics."

Some product improvements, some things that can be addressed via the developer ecosystem: Beginner friendly guides is addressed with some articles & events I’m currently planning.

Acceptance & Rating of Tech Community

The tech community is well-accepted. There could be more activity which might be increased if we get more content & active members.

Next steps

According to the results, I will update my IoT Developer Ecosystem Roadmap and plan according actions. To spoiler some:

  • There will be more content and articles for beginners
  • We will improve the existing open-source offering by further structuring and adding more extensions
  • The developer events series will be continued with developer-oriented content, also addressing the need of beginners.

There will be another IoT Developer Survey in 2023. Hopefully, more people attend so we can get a better understanding of how to improve! :wink:

If you have any additional feedback or ideas to improve please get in contact with me by adding a comment or writing me a PM.