TECHniques - Issue 2, 2022

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We are excited to share another portion of articles covering hot topics in the field of IoT, analytics, integration, API management, IT transformation, inspiring customer stories and Community tips.

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Hot Topic

What can you do with containers?
By Angel Tcholtchev, Senior Product Manager Integration & API, Software AG

Containers are not a new thing – they’ve been a hot topic for a couple of years. This read will suggest small and practical examples of how to use the containers in a known context.

Getting started with Cumulocity IoT Device Management
By Stefan Witschel, Ecosystem Manager, IoT & Analytics, Software AG

Cumulocity IoT offers comprehensive device management features. This guide will help you quickly start using an agent that runs in a container, so you can easily explore the device management capabilities.

What’s New

IUG conference 2022
By Felix Friedrich, Director Brand, Software AG

Join us in the week of May 30th – June 3rd at the upcoming International User Groups conference 2022.

The best stories are yours
By Customer Advocacy Marketing, Software AG

Read some of our latest customer success stories and learn how other companies are successfully utilizing Software AG products in their digital transformation initiatives.

The leading edge of IoT
By Jeremy Hill, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Software AG

We’re delighted to announce that we include extensive support for thin edge devices. Our ground-breaking thin edge IoT framework is available as a fully supported commercial offering as well as an open-source project.

Techie Deep Dive

API access use cases on Developer Portal
By Vikash Sharma, Senior Developer Evangelist, Software AG

APIs enable efficient sharing of information and data across real-time, distributed cloud and mobile applications. In this article, we read about how to restrict API access for different customers on the webMethods Developer Portal.

Effective risk management with Alfabet – Part 4
By Paula Ziehr, Director, Alfabet Product Marketing, Software AG

As IT tries to keep pace with the acceleration of the business environment, IT managers must find that delicate balance between performance and risk. You’ll find a demonstration of how Alfabet can be used for effective and efficient risk management.


Are you up for a tech challenge?
By Borislav Hristov, Marketing Specialist, Developer Marketing & Communities,
Software AG

Take one of our Tech Community challenges, earn badges and level up your reputation!

Advanced tips and tricks for the Software AG Tech Community
By Toni Petrov, Manager Global Communities, Developer Marketing & Communities,
Software AG

Let’s look at some advanced features and customizations offered in the Tech Community that you can use to better your experience.