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Take one of our Tech Community challenges, earn badges and level up your reputation!

In the Software AG Tech Community, you have access to features reserved to registered members only. For example, you can request our free trial downloads with your Tech Community account or use features to customize how and when to get notifications on given topics (tags), tweak the layout of the website, and more advanced tips and hidden tricks that you can use to better your experience.

As part of the Software AG Tech Community, you are one of a dynamic group of users who rely on Software AG solutions every day. You contribute to and learn from a wealth of best practices.

As a member of our Community, you now have the opportunity through your everyday activity to earn badges that you can further use and showcase your expertise and achievements. Some are easy to get, others will need dedication and time – Bronze badges are relatively easy to get, Silver badges a bit more difficult, and Gold the most difficult to earn.

Challenge categories

By accomplishing different challenges, you will get rewarded with badges that showcase your achievements in the Software AG Tech Community and become recognized for your contributions. Let’s look into the four main challenge categories:

Getting started

Earning badges from the Getting Started category is not that hard. By actively reading and engaging with the content you will be able to progress rather fast and why not even become one of our top New users of the month!


Community badges are our badges of honor. Accomplishing some of the challenges can be hard but once you do it you will be among an elite club of Software AG Tech Community members and become a pilar in our community. Our favorite badge is Give Back, which represents how valuable certain members are.


The posting category is interconnected with one of the most important sections that we have – the Tech Forums. Join a conversation or ask a question in the forums, sometimes a simple ‘Like’ goes a long way. Your contributions will help you excel in your trust level.

Trust Level

The trust level is a recognition program that awards members for supporting the mission of the Tech Community. In the Tech Community we have three trust levels.

  • Member – you are fresh and you probably created your account recently, we’d like to meet you, and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the Forums
  • Senior Member – your contributions are valuable and we’d love you to continue the journey with us!
  • Guru – you are a prolific member of the community and we are together for quite a while.

What are you waiting for?
Join the Software AG Tech Community and become one of our Guru members. See you soon!

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