Software AG Tech Community

Issue 4, 2014

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A year in review

With a new layout, improved search capability, direct access to product documentation, free product trials available and numerous other additions, the Tech Community has continued to improve to serve you better.

New look

All major landing and product pages of the Tech Community have been re-launched with a new responsive design and layout. Our goal is to serve you, our community members, better with a design that is simple, clearly defined and intuitive. You’ll find product and asset-based navigation easier than ever with a consistent format across all product pages.

Before the first redesign step was taken, Tech Community members were interviewed and asked to provide us guidance on what they needed from the site. These members emphasized that the most important feature was to “show them more with less.” In other words, the Tech Community should have more information available at a first glance on the first page.

Empower-Brainstorm-Tech Community cross-over

Empower and Brainstorm users can now navigate to Tech Community and VIP Pass assets without a separate registration or login. Guided by Software AG’s customer-centric philosophy, we believe all users of our products should have quick access to the Tech Community to extend and enhance their product support experience.

It’s so easy. When you are logged into Empower, simply select Communities from the main menu then decide where on the Tech Community site you wish to visit!

The Tech Community complements the support services offered in Empower by connecting you to the greater worldwide community of product users, including your peers in other companies, consultants and technical staff within Software AG.

Figure 1: All product knowledge is now accessible
to users through the Tech Community.

Search people, documentation and assets

Searching for what you need on the Tech Community is now magnitudes better. The new search engine with categorization scans across all community components and asset types—TECHniques, discussion forums, articles, announcements, code samples, blogs and documentation—to produce quality results with relevance. You can even refine your search with tags and even look for members by country.

Free product trials

There are now multiple free trials available exclusively for Tech Community members only! Here are just a few highlights:

  • webMethods 9.7 free trial
  • NaturalONE for the enterprise (now with Natural for AJAX)
  • Adabas SQL Gateway with MashZone
  • Natural Optimizer Compiler
  • Adabas Review
  • Adabas and Natural for Windows® community edition

Check out what software trials are available for download here

New assets

As Software AG continues to innovate and expand our portfolio of products, the Tech Community keeps pace by adding new product sections and forums to ensure the resources you need are readily available. Here are a few new additions this past year:

TECHmember Recognition Program

This past fall, we launched the TECHmember Recognition Program to recognize those who help support the mission of the Tech Community. Users earn points when they contribute content to the community and when other community members recognize ("like") their contributions!

  • Discover new assets. Earn points for rating the content you’ve explored, commenting on blogs, wiki or code samples, and posting questions or initiating forum discussions.
  • Share best practices. Automatically earn points for contributing to the wiki (article or tutorial), code samples or a community blog post. Receive extra points for receiving likes from members who indicate your content is useful.
  • Collaborate with peers.  Earn extra points by participating in discussion forums or updating a wiki.


We believe the new redesign and innovations help members discover more assets, share insights and collaborate with others more easily. In just the past year, we added 7,000+ new registered members for a total community of 46,000. If you are not an active member of the Tech Community, jump on board today to see what you’ve been missing!