The New Tech Community website

We are excited to introduce the new Tech Community website, a place for you to collaborate, share best practices and discuss common problems.

We’d like to walk you through some of the new newly-introduced features and enhancements.

Improved navigation

You will notice a whole new experience as you navigate Tech Community. We are using a tag-based structure, which allows you to dig into more content with less searching around. It should be a more useful and more intuitive way of engaging with the content and members of the community.


When you select the product you are interested in from the “products” dropdown, you will see all relevant content tagged for it (Knowledge base articles and tutorials, Forum Q&As, News and announcements). Content can be tagged for several products or subproducts, which makes the structure very flexible. In addition, there are broader tags e.g., webMethods or Cumulocity-IoT from where you can drill down to sub-products e.g., Integration, API Management or IoT Device Management, IoT Analytics, etc.


We have merged some of the sections in the old Tech Community in order to simplify and make finding the right content easier for you. The main content sections are:

Knowledge base
The place to find tutorials, blog articles, code samples, tips and tricks shared by our experts.

Get your questions answered, brainstorm solutions and connect with Community experts.

Stay up-to-date with the latest Software AG news, alerts and release announcements.

Additionally, you can visit the Feedback section to tell us what you think, and the Try Free section to get started with our free offerings in minutes.


You can search image all of our content or drill down by section, tag, author, date and much more. In addition, when you are on a Section or Product page if you click the Search button you will see a checkbox that allows you to search only in that specified area:

For more tips check out the Search FAQ


From the bell icon next to your avatar image, you can select which products (tags) you’d like to “watch” (i.e. receive email alerts for), watch first post (i.e. email alerts only for new topics, but not for replies to topics), track (i.e. receive notifications in the forum only) or mute.

Sorting and filtering content

On the home page, section pages, or tag pages, you can sort by last update date, creation date, top, and much more.

In addition, there are filtering options like New, Unread, Bookmarks, Unanswered, or Solved/Unsolved (for Q&As).

More tips

For more tips please read our getting started guides and how-tos below:

Your thoughts

We really hope these improvements will help your productivity and bring more value to the Tech Community! However, what makes a great community is not the technology, but people. This is why we encourage you all to let us know what you think and to actively participate in discussions. We hope you can contribute by asking questions, brainstorming solutions, and networking with your peers in the Tech Community!

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