🔔 Subscription & notification options

On the Tech Community you have many options to stay up-to-date:

  1. Tech Community newsletters - subscribe here to receive our most important updates, top content, hottest articles, exclusive invites to events and more.

  2. Watch a tag (product) - visit your tag subscription page https://tech.forums.softwareag.com/my/preferences/tags and select the tags you’d like to get email notifications for in the Watched dropdown:

    If you select Watching First Post you will receive notifications only when there is a new topic (but not for comments).

  3. Watch a section - visit your section subscription page https://tech.forums.softwareag.com/my/preferences/categories and select which section you’d like to get notified for e.g. News

  4. Advanced subscription options - you might want to narrow down the emails you receive e.g. only for News about webMethods or Knowledge base articles about Cumulocity-IoT. Head to your account Saved Searches tab https://tech.forums.softwareag.com/my/preferences/saved-searches → add #section-name tags:tag-name
    → select how often do you want to be notified → click Save
    You could use the functionality to subscribe to any search term - tags, sections, text, etc - learn how.

  5. Regular notifications - if you are interested in a product or section, but don’t want to get distracted by emails all the time (like if you’d subscribe to the webMethods tag) use again Saved Searches https://tech.forums.softwareag.com/my/preferences/saved-searches → enter the search term you’d like to get subscribed to → select how often to receive notifications:

See how here - :mag_right: Save search terms and get email notifications on new content
6. Live web browser notifications - visit your account preferences notifications settings https://tech.forums.softwareag.com/my/preferences/notifications and Enable/Disable Live Notifications:
Note: You have to change this setting on every browser you use. All notifications will be disabled when in “do not disturb”, regardless of this setting.

You may need to allow popups in your browser

  1. Mobile notifications - you can enable live browser notifications (see point 6 above) on your mobile browser.

  2. Follow a user - you can follow a Tech Community member and get notified when they create a topic or comment:

  3. Activity summary - if you don’t visit the Tech Community for a month you will receive a monthly summary. You can change the period or turn the summary in your account preferences → emails:

  4. Unsubscribe - in the end of each email you receive from us there’s an option to unsubscribe - you just need to click the link and then save your preferences. You can also disable emails being sent to you from account preferences → emails:

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