🥚 Tech Community Easter Eggs

Easter is here, and we wanted to share some of Tech Community’s “Easter Eggs.” Those are somewhat hidden features and functionalities that can make your life a bit easier.

Email settings and activity summary

You can change when, how and what types of emails you receive here:

And use this handy url - https://tech.forums.softwareag.com/me/preferences/emails

Under the Activity Summary setting you can decide how often (if every) you’d like to receive an email covering most popular community content (you will receive it only if you haven’t visited/logged in recently).

Advanced searches

Do you want to find something very specific? Like searching for a knowledge base article, tagged with webMethods, that contains json as a keyword? Here is how you do this:

You can create advanced searches for a combination of categories, tags and conditions. You can type the conditions and keywords in any order you like.

Saved searches

You can save up to 5 searches and receive email notifications whenever there is a new topic that matches your search. If you want to save more advanced searches, go here, create your search and copy whatever is in the “search box.”:

Then paste it in one of your 5 search boxes and choose the frequency of receiving notifications:

Read more here: 🔎 Save search terms and get email notifications on new content
And here: :bell: Subscription & notification options

Scheduled bookmarks

How often do you bookmark a page just to never revisit it again? On the Tech Community Forum you can schedule a reminder if you are busy at the moment or want to revisit the post in the future, just scroll to the end of an article or post and click bookmark:

You can choose the name of the bookmark, set the time for the reminder and choose what happens to the bookmark after the reminder is complete on the next window:

My activity

Want to know what you’ve been up to?
You can see all your posted and read topics, replies, drafts and more in your activity tab:

Tracking and Watching

You can “Track” or “Watch” a certain section, like “Forum” or certain tags, like “Cumulocity-IoT,” but not both at the same time. To track more specific searches with more than 1 condition, you will have to use the saved searches functionality. To track a section, section page and click this button:

To track a certain tag, go to the home page and select the tag you want to track:

  • “Watching” means every time someone posts or replies to a post, you will receive an email notification, and you will see the number of new replies next to posts (only if you have previously viewed them).
  • “Tracking” means every time someone mentions you or replies to your comment, you will receive an email notification, and you will see the number of new replies next to posts (only if you have previously viewed them).
  • “Watching first post” is the same as watching, but without new replies and their count.
  • “Normal” is the same as tracking, but without the number of new replies.
  • “Muted” You will not receive notifications of anything, and the new topics will not appear in the “latest” tab.

This is what the “count of new replies” looks like:
Count of new replies

More tips

Have you found other hidden tips out there? We’d be thrilled to try them, too.