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Overall experience

We are happy that you rated your experience 7 out of 10, which we take as a good result. If you have not, please take the survey and help us improve even more!


In the effort to provide you with useful content, we want to ensure that the types of assets you see are beneficial to you as a professional and as a member of the Software AG Tech Community. According to the interim results, we can see that troubleshooting guides, basic and advanced tutorials are most helpful. When it comes to video content – the shorter, the better.

Twice every quarter, you receive newsletters sent by us on what’s new from the Software AG world and hot topics from the Tech Community with techie deep dives on new features and product enhancements. The results so far are sound enough for us to understand the importance of the news and technical knowledge that you’d like to get. If you want to receive such newsletters from us, make sure to opt-in hearing from us.

Tech Community & Software AG Groups

In the next question, we asked you to consider which improvement would make the Tech Community more useful to you?
If you haven’t answered the survey yet and got an idea for an improvement – don’t hesitate to pick the option “other” and share your suggestions with us.

There’s a vast range of channels people use nowadays. That’s why we asked which would be the one you’d feel most comfortable with to stay updated with Software AG Community content and news (we don’t want to spam you).

Communities are about connecting people and in 2021 we introduced the Software AG Groups platform where you can meet to talk about topics related to webMethods, Cumulocity IoT, Adabas & Natural, ARIS and other Software AG products. To improve your experience, we are looking to find out what is your preferred event format to participate in?

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