TECHniques - Issue 1, 2022

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In the first month of 2022, we’ve collected some great articles and tutorials covering topics from integration, microservices and IoT to business and IT transformation. Read about our top members, best content and important milestones from last year in our Community news.

Hot Topic

Cloud Migration for Integration Software
By Angel Tcholtchev, Sr. Product Manager Integration & API, Software AG

Shifting to the cloud is difficult. Why are companies doing it? And how can they ensure a greater chance of success?

What’s New

Introducing the new Cumulocity Notifications 2.0 API
By Andre Kramer, Software Architect, Cumulocity IoT, Software AG

Read about the new Cumulocity IoT messaging service – Notifications 2.0.

eTOM Accelerator for ARIS - free download available
By Elke Bastian, Director, ARIS Product Marketing, Software AG

This ARIS eTOM content package is available for download for all TM Forum members. It provides a number of essential capabilities for CSPs to become digital service providers.

Cumulocity IoT January 2022 update
By Rob Jones, Sr. Director, IoT & Analytics Product Management, Software AG

The latest release of Cumulocity IoT, version 10.11, is now available - and it’s all about making IoT easier… Easier to deploy, easier to configure and maintain, easier to build upon, and easier to stay informed!

Annual webMethods customer survey 2021
By Sonica Vij, Sr. Manager, Product Management, Software AG

We completed our tenth annual webMethods Customer Survey in May 2021, collecting very useful information from customers across the globe. Read on to learn about how we use this valuable information to better meet your needs.

Techie Deep Dive

A recap of the Apama Advent Calendar of articles
By Kevin Palfreyman, VP IoT Analytics, Apama, Software AG

Let’s go through the Apama advent calendar - article series of brief tips, tricks, hints and reminders of information related to the Apama Streaming Analytics Platform.

Effective Risk Management with Alfabet – Part 3
By Paula Ziehr, Director, Alfabet Product Marketing, Software AG

Assessing the risks to applications aims at understanding the risks an application is subject to and analyzing the relevant risk’s damage potential to be able to suggest and evaluate possible mitigations.

Hybrid B2B: Bring your Business-to-Business platform to the cloud
By Martin Wroblinski, Business Architect, Presales Strategic Accounts, Software AG

With more and more companies moving to the cloud, demand increases for integration of SaaS offerings using cloud integration platforms but also for your B2B – business to business, in the cloud as a service.

Configuring webMethods Microservices Runtime in a Docker container
By Kalpesh Shah, Sr. Director, ESB & Messaging R&D, Software AG

In version 10.11 and the latest fixes of earlier versions, webMethods Microservices Runtime allows creation of configurations using a configuration variable template. This article provides an overview of how the same Docker image of Microservices Runtime can be used across different stages in the development life cycle with different configurations.


Top Tech Community members in 2021
By Toni Petrov, Manager Global Communities, Developer Marketing & Communities, Software AG

What a Community really is about? People of course!
Let’s take a moment to thank our most active members and most valuable contributors in 2021.

Tech Community 2021 recap
By Toni Petrov, Manager Global Communities, Developer Marketing & Communities, Software AG

We are looking back at what we achieved last year, most important milestones and top content from last year.

Community user survey results so far
By Borislav Hristov, Marketing Specialist, Developer Marketing & Communities, Software AG

Let’s catch up on the interim results from the annual Tech Community survey.