eTOM Accelerator for ARIS - free download available

Like many other enterprises, communication service providers (CSPs) are under enormous pressure to transform into real digital service providers. They must move away from traditional services and toward the requirements of the modern world, like fast and reliable internet services. The introduction of new technologies like 5G offers the opportunity to fundamentally reimagine their business and pave the way for growth or being left behind and lose market share. That’s why a successful business transformation is inevitable for CSPs.

The Business Process Framework eTOM by TM Forum

TM Forum is a global industry association for CSPs and their suppliers to foster collaboration between its 850+ members, and to help them digitally transform and thrive in the digital era. They are collaboratively developing the Open Digital Framework for CSPs to effectively transform into digital service providers.

As part of that, leading CSPs within TM Forum have defined the Business Process Framework (eTOM) as a critical component to enable successful business transformation. eTOM is a comprehensive, industry-agreed, multilayered view of the key business processes required to run an efficient, effective, and agile service-focused digital enterprise. It is a continuously evolving model the TM Forum member community drives.

The ARIS eTOM accelerator content package

Various CSPs have been using ARIS already for many years to translate their strategy into operational models and optimizing and improving their business processes. As a next step, to support CSPs globally in their transformation programs toward digital service providers, Software AG has now implemented TM Forum’s eTOM Business Process Framework as a content package for ARIS.

The ARIS content packages include best practices, blueprints, frameworks, and predefined content to help companies to accelerate their projects. Besides eTOM, other ARIS content packages cover e. g., ITSM for ITIL® and ISO 20000, GDPR, or ISO 9001.

This ARIS eTOM content package is available for download for all TM Forum members. It provides a number of essential capabilities for CSPs to become digital service providers.


Figure 1: eTOM Business Process Framework – domains and context verticals


Figure 2: eTOM Business Process Framework – domains and process view

How can you get the ARIS accelerator for eTOM package?

You can download the free eTOM accelerator for ARIS from the Software AG - Download Center and then import it into ARIS. Navigate to ARIS Content Packages under More Resources on the left and select eTOM Framework ARIS Model. Download your free package.

If you are new to the ARIS Download Center, please sign in first here: Software AG - Download Center - User Registration and create your user and password.

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