The Software AG Tech Community - A year in review

Issue 4, 2013

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Your Tech Community continues to thrive with growing membership, insightful content, new navigation and collaboration features, and even more product coverage. Visit Tech to discover new assets, share insights and collaborate with your peers.

The Tech Community experienced unprecedented growth this past year with membership doubling to almost 40,000. Software AG’s active year of new product releases and mergers with LongJump, Alfabet and Apama also led to the addition of multiple discussion forums, blog and wiki articles, and new product sections “new product sections”. The real growth, however, is reflected in the valuable content provided and satisfaction received by the many active members of the community.

Membership soars

Last April, we welcomed more than 14,000 wMUsers to the Tech Community. Combining the wMUsers forums with the Tech Community ensures that all users of webMethods benefit by having access to the broadest scope of topics (30+ forums) and deepest knowledgebase (140K+ posts) available in one place. Learn more about the benefits of the merger.

Your referrals also make a difference!  By recruiting your friends and colleagues to join the Tech Community, you enrich the community experience as more members leads to more networking and knowledge sharing. This year, we awarded a free pass to Innovation World 2013 to our first Tech Community Recruiter of the Year—Brian Johnson. Find out more about the referral program.

Figure 1: Your referral enriches the community

Tech Community membership spans the globe with representation from just about every country. Visit my blog to see the distribution of membership by country.

Insightful content

Along with the growth of membership, the volume of content contributions and insights into best practices soared. Check out the insightful graphics demonstrating the growth and popularity of the Tech Community Forums in my blog on that topic.

The wMuser merger alone increased the number of discussion threads by the thousands. Check out the new content for webMethods about best practices, tips and tricks, upgrades, events, configuration, administration, mobile and MDM topics here.

Here are just a few of the many articles and discussion forums populated by experts:

Continuous evolution

A large part of the enthusiasm for the Tech Community stems for the continuous evolution of the Tech Community with new features, more content and exciting opportunities to collaborate more with community members. See for yourself how the community continues to evolves, visit Gerd’s blog.

Here are some of this year’s highlights of the Tech Community evolution:

Figure 2: Easy access to Brainstorm from the Tech Community for suggesting and following feature requests (Ideas).

Figure 3: New navigation merges products for simpler, more logical navigation (i.e., CentraSite is merged into the webMethods product brand).


Tips & tricks

If you are still trying to figure out your way around the Tech Community, take heed to some of these popular tips & tricks:

  • How do I quickly find the newest and most popular published resources?
    Look no further than the Tech Community homepage
  • How do I follow the most viewed content by product line?
    Follow the Tech Community on Twitter
  • Can I replace attachment in a wiki article?
    Yes, if you are the author of the article, you can. Find out more wiki FAQs
  • Can I report spam forum posts?
    Yes, you can. Find out more forum FAQs
  • Can I connect with people in my geographic area?
    Yes, visit Member’s stream, and check out country under user profile.

Figure 4: Find the newest and most popular content on the home page.

Be a part of the community

Register today at Tech If you are a current VIP Pass Member, just log in to the Tech Community with your VIP credentials and simply update your areas of interest.