Top members and content Q3/21

We are thrilled to see more and more activity and great collaboration on the Tech Community this year. In this post we’d like to recognize the top contributors in the previous quarter and thank everyone for sharing their knowledge, taking part in discussions or publishing Knowledge base articles.

Members with most forum replies

Kasi Mugada
Holger von Thomsen
Nagendra Prasad
Rob Eamon
Rama Venkata
Dinesh Janarthanam
John Carter
Ishwar Wagh
Ralph Zbrog
Ghifari Yusuf Abdilah

Members with most likes

Kasi Mugada
Nagendra Prasad
Holger von Thomsen
Rama Venkata
Martin Wroblinski

Members with most Knowledge base articles

Vikash Sharma
Lekhashree Pandit
Sahana Manne Siddagangaiah
Priyanka Bharti
Esin Yakub
Shashank Mitra
Prasanta Malik

Thanks again to everyone involved @Venkata_Kasi_Viswanath_Mugada1 @Holger_von_Thomsen @Nagendra_Prasad_A_R @reamon @rmg @DINESH_J @John_Carter4 @ishwar.m.wagh @Ralph_Zbrog @Ghifari17 @Martin_Wroblinski @Vikash_Sharma1 @Lekhashree_Pandit1 @Sahana_Manne_Siddagangaiah @Priyanka_Bharti1 @Esin_Yakub @Shashank_Mitra1 @Prasanta_Malik

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