Installing Integration Agent with SAP & JDBC Adapter

Hi Folks,

I’m new to webMethods.
I have requirement to install Integration Agent with SAP & JDBC Adapter.

I’ve the below queries:

  1. Is the installer different for Integration Agent?
  2. How do we install the Agent?
  3. Does it require a back-end DB?

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.


It’s the same installer and you can select the component like any other component you’re installing. You can find all documentation at this site (link).

Integration Agent was retired in 10.7, so check 10.5 or earlier (link), or consider Containerization.


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Thanks a lot Kasi, for the quick response.

So, if I got that right, I need 10.5 installer to see the Integration Agent option during the installation, is that right?

Integration Agent was replaced with Microservices Runtime starting 10.7. Microservices Runtime itself doesn’t require external Database, of course this would also depend on your auditing requirement. However, if you plan to use JDBC Adapter, it would certainly require external database.



Thanks a lot Kalpesh for your response and answer.
This might seem like asking basic questions but can you also let me know what port does the Microservices Runtime uses.
Is it 5555 only as Integration Server?

You can use the latest installer from Empower, but just select the 10.5 repository after you start the installer.



Thanks Kasi, appreciate it.

You’re welcome, mate!
The repo panel will be after the Empower credentials check and you’ll see all the products that you are licensed for, after this panel -


Installer documentation is also available on the documentation site that I mentioned above.
You can use 10.x licenses across 10.x versions (for example, 10.5 will work on 10.1).

Enjoy your webMethods journey; happy learning!



Yes @srivastava.basu , it is the same default ports as Integration Server.

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Yes MSR uses the same IS default port/listener (5555) strategy :slight_smile:


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My 2 cents:

You should check if the requirement for installing Integration Agent comes from being on a 10.5 or before or just from an old architecture slide mentioning Integration Agent instead of MSR.

If you can go for a 10.7, you should use 10.7. The reason for Integration Agent is having a local bridgehead for integrating to on prem systems while the majority of integration is running on IPaaS ( Integration). So MSR fulfills the same requirements and a 10.7 MSR is better optimised in footprint than a 10.5 Integration Agent.

You may need to check your licensing though, if you already have a MSR license.



The ports can be defined/changed from default during installation. As mentioned before 5555 is the default port for all 3 products.


Thanks All…
This is really helpful, I will proceed with the setup and keep this thread posted in case of queries.

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