ServiceNow Email Notification via Event


This article describes the step-by-step process of How to Configure "ServiceNow Email Notification via Event".


  • The user needs to have a working ServiceNow Tenant.
  • Working integration cloud tenant.


  • How to configure the “ServiceNow Email Notification via Event” on insert or update of any “incident” in ServiceNow via connector.

Note: Any coding or configuration examples provided in this document are only examples and are not intended for use in a production system without verification. The example is only done here to better explain and visualize the possibilities.


    1. We have the register an “event” in the ServiceNow event registry. In the search bar, search for the “event registry”. Click on the event registry and click on the “new” button to create the new event.

    2. Now fill the value for the “EventName” & choose the “Table” value is “Incident[incident]” from the drop-down & click on the save button.

    3. Now, As we have to trigger the notification via “event”, we have to do some modification in Our existing Notification that we have created in the “step1”. Now go to the same event. & click on the “Advanced view”.

    4. Now, go into the “When to send” tab. Now change the values like:- “send when:- Event is fired”, “Event name:- servicenow.test.demo” & then click on the Save button.

    5. Now we have successfully created the Event *& also, successfully modified the Notifications to be triggered by the event. But, An even can trigger the notification, But there should be a point of trigger for this event as well. So, we can trigger this event via “workflow” & “BusinessRule” as mentioned in the first diagram above.

    6. Now we will write a business rule, to trigger the event. Once the event will get triggered it will trigger the Notification as well. So, go to the search bar & search for the “Business rule” & click on the “new” button to create the new business rule. Now provide the “Name” for the business rule. Choose the “Table” as “Incident[incident]” from the drop-down. Checkmark on the “Active” & “Advanced”. Now in the “when to run” tab checkmark on the “insert” based on the user requirement.

       Now on the same page under the “Advanced” tab, we need to write the “SCRIPT”.  Now click on the Save button.

    7. Now again we will create the new event from connector & we will observe the Email logs. Please repeat the Steps:- 10,11,12,13 & 14 mentioned in the link: (Basically, create the new event.). So, as we see in the below screenshot, new Notification I getting triggered from the event.

       Also, it sends the below mail notification as well. 

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