New requests in ServiceNow will post Slack notifications


This article describes the step-by-step process to sync between ServiceNow application with Slack application. So, whenever a new incident created in the ServiceNow it will trigger a new message in the Slack channel.


  • User needs to have a working Slack account.
  • Working Integration cloud tenant.
  • User needs ServiceNow account as well.


  • Configuration of trigger in the ServiceNow for "incident".
  • Post a message in Slack with request details.


     1. Login to integration.

     2. Create a workflow.

     3. Click on the Setting button as mentioned in the below screenshot.

     4. Select the "ServiceNow" trigger from the available list..

     5. User needs to create the connection for the ServiceNow, click on the "+" icon in the screen.

     6. User needs to fill the credentials details and click on the "Add" button.


     7. Now click on the "Save" button then click on the "Done" button.

     8. Select Slack connector from the app menu & click on the setting button.

     9. Choose "post message to channel" action from the available list of actions. Now again click on the '+' icon and choose “Default Authorization” option. It supports both we can choose the "or" option in order to manually enter the credentials.

     10. After providing credentials click on the add button in order to authenticate Slack & click next.

     11. Now choose Channel Id or Channel Name where you want to post messages and choose the field by dragging to the message field (here I am choosing SYS_ID as I want what message has been sent I want to get ) and click next.

     12. Now save the workflow and click on the play button.

     13. The workflow will execute only when a new request gets added to ServiceNow.

     14. User can see the detailed output in the below output tab.

     15. Here is the new request which has been added and the user got the message notification in Slack channel.