Configure ServiceNow Custom Listeners On-premise


This article describes the business use case of setting up the Custom Listeners in webMethods on-premise for ServiceNow. This custom listener will fetch the incident details created or updated within the specified time interval.


  • User needs to have a webMethods license of IS 10.5 or Above.
  • User needs to have valid ServiceNow Subscriptions.

Use Case:

User needs to install the ServiceNow Custom Listeners package DemoServiceNowTestListener, along with the WmServiceNowProvider & we will use the available services inside the package to fetch the records from the ServiceNow, which is created or updated within the time interval specified by the user. User needs to setup the scheduler service on the Integration Server admin page, to keep running this service simultaneously.


  1. Install the DemoServiceNowTestListener package on-premise, IS 10.5 or higher. Below is the package structure. User can find the package here (23.7 KB).

  1. This package contains two subfolders customListener & systemTask. User needs to use the listenerServiceNowIncidents service to obtain the records from the ServiceNow tenant. The systemTask folder contains the scheduler services, more information about the scheduler can be found here.

  2. Now user needs to configure the Connection with the alias:- CloudConnections: ServiceNow_1 as mentioned below.

  3. Run the service listenerServiceNowIncidents & provide the timeInterval. If the user doesn’t specify the time interval, By default it’s configured to 5 minutes. Then press OK.

  4. Results are listed below, based on the sysparam_ query filter, it successfully fetched the records within the specified time interval.

  5. User can setup the Scheduler Service for the same, to run this operation multiple times. Please refer to the Software AG documentation for setting up the scheduler service here.