webMethods Cloud Container-Deploying Schedulers


In this article, you will learn how to deploy Schedulers to Integration Server on Cloud Container.


webMethods Cloud Container - Introduction

Login to Integration Server Administrator. We already have a Schedulers Under Server->Scheduler.

In Designer go to Windows->Show View->Other-> Software AG Command Central-> Landscape Navigator. You will see your Already connected Command Central.

Expand the IS Node under your Command Central Connection. You will notice a Node called Scheduler. Expand same and you will be able to see schedulers.

Right Click Scheduler node or the exact Scheduler which you want to export. You will Notice “Export Configurations” option .Click That.

Create a Project and Provide an Alias name. Also make sure to select Format as YAML Source.

Click Next and Select Assets to be deployed.

Click Finish.

Project Explorer view will get open and You can see the created Project.

Right Click Project and select “Deploy Configurations to Cloud”.

Add your Template, which you want to Deploy.

Click Next and Select you Solution, which you have created on Cloud Container.

Click Finish,Integration Server Configurations, will be deployed to Cloud Container.