WebMethods Cloud Container-Direct Deployment from Designer using Include runtime configuration


In this document, you will learn a particular way, among various other ways to deploy configurations from Designer to Integration Server on Cloud Container i.e. “Include runtime configuration”. This option is available when an Integration Server Package is selected for deployment to Cloud.

Note: Other 2 Ways of Deploying Configurations are below

  1. Using Landscape Navigator View in Designer.
  2. By Selecting Integration Server Instance in Designer.


webMethods Cloud Container - Introduction

“Include runtime Configuration”

Select an Integration Server Package to be Deployed and Select “Deploy to Cloud”.

Select “Include runtime Configuration” and Click next.

Select your Command Central Connection. By default, all configurations will be Selected.

You can uncheck, which you don’t want to be Deployed to Cloud.

In our case, we have selected an ACL, a User, and a Group which all are associated with each other.

Click Next and Perform Variable substitution for your Selected Package i.e. “Accounts” in our Case.

Click Next and Perform Variable substitution for the Configurations If there is a need.

Click Next and Select your Solution which you have created on Cloud.

Click Finish. IS Package and Configuration with Name “local-OSGI-IS_default” will be Deployed to Cloud and you will see below Message. Click Ok.