How to use Microsoft Teams trigger for getting alert on every new message posted on Channel Integration tutorial


This article describes the step-by-step process of using Microsoft Teams trigger in Integration.


  • User needs to have a working Microsoft account.
  • Working Integration cloud tenant.


  • Configuring trigger for getting alerts on every new message posted on Channel.


     1. Login to integration.

     2. Create a workflow.

     3. Click on the Setting button.


     4. Select Microsoft Teams Trigger from the available list of triggers.


     5. Click on the edit icon.


     6. Now again click on the '+' icon and choose “Default Authorization” option. It supports both we can choose the "or" option in order to manually enter the credentials. For more info about “Or” option refer below link.



     7. Click on the “Allow” button to grant all permissions.


     8. Provide the Microsoft account details and click next.

     9. After providing credentials click on the checkbox for the Concent option, and click on Accept button.


     10. Users will get a pop-up screen, to add an account. Click on add button. 

     11. Select Team Id and Channel Id from the drop-down & click on save button.

     12. Click on the Skip button. 


     13. Click on Done.

     14. Search for Logger and Drag it to the workflow, in order to view your detailed output.


     15. Click on setting icon in  Logger & click next.

     16. Now drag trigger to the Log Data input field to apply the mappings and click next.



     17. Now Save the flow and select “test with account data” option & click the play button. 



     18. It will run and display all the messages that are posted on the channel.