How to use Microsoft Teams in Integration Integration tutorial


This article describes the step-by-step process of using Microsoft Teams application in Integration.


  • User needs to have a working Microsoft Azure Active Directory account.
  • Working Integration cloud tenant.


  • Configuring the Microsoft Teams Account in Integration.
  • Posting user messages to Microsoft Teams Channel.


     1. Login to integration

     2. Create a workflow.

     3. Select Microsoft Teams from the app menu and drag it to the workflow & Click on the setting button

     4. Now, click on the dropdown icon & select action

     5. Now again click on the '+' icon and choose “Default Authorization” option. It supports both we can choose the "or" option in order to manually enter the credentials. For more info about the “Or” option refer below.  Link:

     6. Now tick on all the checkmarks & click on the allow button.

     7. Provide your user credentials for Microsoft account.

     8. Click on the checkbox for the Concent option, and click on the Accept button. A popup will appear please click on add an account.

     9. Now “Account saved successfully” click on the Next button. 

     10. Click on the dropdown button and select “Team ID” & “Channel Id”.


     11. Now Type your message in the message field & click on the "Next" button.


     12. Now click on the “Test” button”.


     13. Your message is posted in channel successfully, now click on the “Done” button.



     14. Now click on the “Save” button to save the workflow.

     15. Now click on the “Play” button and it will run the workflow. It will show a graphic view of the execution below.

    16. You can check the output by clicking on the debug panel button.

     17. You can check the output by clicking on the “Send Message” button.

     18. Switch to the “output” tab to see Output.

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