Automating tasks using Microsoft Teams in Integration

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that helps your team stay organized and have conversations—all in one place. Integration has a Microsoft Teams connector which helps you post message on a channel whenever there is any event happening in any service.

You can connect Microsoft Teams with over 200+ connectors from Integration

Create a workflow using Microsoft Teams connector

Workflow name: When a new incident is created in Pagerduty get notified on Microsoft Teams

  • Go to Integration and create a new workflow.

  • In workflow select Pagerduty connector and select trigger event “New Incident”.

  • For the trigger event, select existing or create a new connection, and select Service from the dropdown.

  1. Now select Microsoft Teams connector from the connector palette on right hand side. And select action “Send Message to Channel”. Select existing or create a new auth.

  2. On action configure page, you can map the values from previous trigger, and click on Next and then Done.

Then your workflow is ready to use.

Below is the list of triggers and actions which are available for Microsoft teams in Integration.


  1. New Message in Channel


  1. Add Owner
  2. Create Channel
  3. Create Group
  4. Create Team
  5. Create User
  6. Delete Group
  7. Delete User
  8. Get Channel
  9. Get Groups
  10. Get Team
  11. Get User
  12. List Your Teams
  13. Remove Owner
  14. Send Message to Channel
  15. Send Message to Chat

Here are some of the recipes that are available for Microsoft Teams: