Send Slack notification for new Incidents in Service Now


This article describes one business use case integration, where a notification sent into the Slack channel whenever a new incident is created in Service Now.


  • The user needs to have a working Service Now and Slack account.
  • Working Integration cloud tenant.


1. Login to integration.

2. Create a workflow.

3. Click on the ‘Settings’ button.

4. Select the “Service Now” trigger.

5. Click on “Create a new event for ServiceNow” to configure a new trigger and provide all the required data.

6. Click on the “+” icon beside the “Connect to ServiceNow” dropdown to add an account.

7. Fill the Necessary credentials & click on the “Add” button. Then save the trigger.

8. Click on “Test” to test the trigger.

    Note: It is recommended to test the trigger before proceeding.

9. Once the testing is complete, click on the “Done” button.

10. Drag and drop the “Slack” connector from the App menu to the workflow palette.

11. A filter needs to be configured to find the high priority incidents i.e, incidents with priority = 1. Follow the next steps to configure the same.

      11.1. Click on the line connecting the Trigger and Slack and then click on the “Settings” icon.

      11.2. Click on “Add Condition” and then “Add Filter”. Then configure the filter as shown in the below snapshot.

12. To configure Slack, Click on Slack connector in the workflow palette and then click on the “Settings” icon.

13. Select the “Post message to Channel” action from the dropdown.

14. Click on the “+” icon beside the “Authorize Slack” dropdown to add an account.

      Note: Account can either be created by selecting “Default Authorization” and providing the necessary details or by selecting “(Or)” to configure the account manually.

       Please refer this article for more information on how to configure a slack app

15. Go to the next page, select the Channel Type, and channel name from the dropdown.

16. A customized notification is generated by using the transformer function. Click on “Add New” and configure the transformer function. A message is formed by using the Incident URL, Incident ID, and Reporter data that are fetched from the trigger service response.

17. Map output of Transformer service to Text field, Test and Save the action.

18. Save the workflow and Run to verify the workflow with test data.

19. Below is the message posted in slack channel.