Hecktoberfest - One Month, Your Voice, Your Thoughts!

Welcome to our Hecktoberfest, a month of “What the heck?!”


Many of our products have existed for quite some time, some celebrating significant milestone birthdays this year (30 years of ARIS), and others existing for even longer (Adabas & Natural) or shorter periods (webMethods, Apama, Cumulocity, Alfabet, Trendminer,…) across different levels of maturity.

These products have grown over time, and often changed significantly beyond what they were when they were incepted. They are loved and used by yourself and others, yet sometimes things haven’t turned out quite as you might have hoped. Maybe unusual remnants from older functionality, little things missing, or aspects which annoy you and perhaps even affect your usage of the software.

You may have the ability to raise support requests in Empower and create feature requests in the relevant ideas portal. These are the correct routes for product issues and feature requests respectively, with established processes existing to deal with these, however these require investment of your time and energy to raise, meaning the small annoyances, or simple improvements that often help to improve the product experience don’t always get to see the light of day.

This is the purpose of Hecktoberfest :blush:.

Hecktoberfest is a safe and low entry barrier place to share with everyone your very own “what/why the heck?!” moments you experience when using our software or services.
When you tilt your head sideways and wonder “Why is it like this?”, find out if others feel the same way, and maybe learn why by posting in the Hecktoberfest Forum.

Some rules for Hecktoberfest:

  • Please be polite, respectful, and constructive.
  • Create feature requests in our ideas portals, not within the Hecktoberfest forum.
    You will find these here:
    Adabas & Natural Ideas Portal
    Alfabet Ideas Portal
    ARIS Ideas Portal
    Cumulocity Ideas Portal
    webMethods Ideas Portal
  • Raise bugs or support incidents in Empower, not within the Hecktoberfest forum
  • Remember to state the product name in your “What the Heck” post clearly, so that we can identify and relate this.
  • Software AG employees, please refrain from posting a “What the Heck” in the Techcommunity, but please do take part in any discussions! This is an opportunity to give a voice to customers, and members of our community to share. Please use the public Hecktoberfest teams group to raise your moments.

Anything that doesn’t comply with the rules may be moderated

Most important of all, engage with people, let us use our collective experience and brain trust to create a great list of small and simple things that would make a real difference to you when using our products!

Hecktoberfest runs for the duration of October only, after which time we will freeze the posts, and perform analysis on what has been created.

I leave you with this final thought:

If there is one simple thing that could improve the product and bring a smile to your face, share it, and post it to the Hecktoberfest topic

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Where can I post my moments?
A: Here: Latest Feedback & ideas/Hecktoberfest topics - Software AG Tech Community & Forums

Q: I have many “What the heck” moments, can I put it in a single topic?
A: No, please create individual topics, which can be liked, discussed, analysed, and resolved. If multiple items are created in one topic, this becomes very difficult to discuss like, etc, but please do take the time to create them all in individual topics!

Q: Will everything raised be addressed?
A: There are no guarantees that will happen. The aim here is to really lower the barrier to report things for a month, and this feedback will be analysed, and will feed into the monthly backlog going forward to improve the experience within our products

Q: Why the heck isn’t there a widget for …, Why the heck doesn’t it support standard …?
A: Please raise this as a feature request via the relevant ideas portal

Q: I’ve found a bug – where should I report my issue?
A: As always, support incidents should be reported through Empower


I love this, Dave :clap:t2:



@Venkata_Kasi_Viswanath_Mugada1 Can’t wait to read your first Heck :slight_smile:

I compiled one earlier today, Mark - I’ll explore a bit more and post on our internal space :blush: