Getting my feet wet Part II

Also, when I posted my last question, I got a message saying that this is a moderated forum and my question would be posted after review. How long does that generally take, and do I get notified when it is posted? Do I get notified if someone responds?

Thanks all

Some forums are moderated to allow the moderators to filter out spam and trolls, etc that were starting to get annoying. Moderators are mostly in Europe, so time of post can effect responses. My reply to Part 1 went through immediately, so maybe it’s depending on how long you’ve been a member, or some other criteria.

You should get an email whenever someone posts to the thread.


George Cooper - thanks for your answer to both my queries. I live very remotely (on the Oregon Coast). I am looking to get back up to speed as quickly as possible because I have an opportunity to return to work soon. The forums are great and tech support is great, but iterating questions takes days obviously, and I feel like I am wasting time in between.

Don’t know if I can even ask this in this forum, but it would be great to have kind of a field trip buddy for this new adventure. Is there any chance we can communicate directly? We could structure a professional relationship around our interactions.

I am signed up for introductory education, but I really just want to be able to talk to someone who understands the old environment - very transactional, very fast, all or nothing, business computing. And Batch jobs written the same way - using JCL knowledge and Little tricks to make jobs restartable without any changes by operations, taking our own checkpoints, writing out to the syslog, etc.

And if you know that environment, show me the fastest path to competency with the new tools. There are a lot of organizations still running those systems, but they have upgraded or will be forced to upgrade by 2021 (I think that is the cutoff date as of now).

So if there is any way for us to communicate directly, that would be great. If not, I will keep throwing questions out on this forum. Thanks again for your answer to my two first questions.

Hi Joseph and welcome to the Community!

Yes, forums are moderated in order to block spam that would be also sent as email to subscribed users. We usually approve them as soon as possible - if it takes more than 12 hours please contact us.
Active users have the perk that their posts don’t go into moderation.

Posting questions to the Forums allows other Community members to benefit from the answers, so that is the preferred method of communication. After a few more questions, you will be designated an “active” member and your posts will appear immediately.

In the meantime, take note that some members include an e-mail address in their Community profiles. It is provided at the bottom of each posting.

It’s a good practice to try to resolve a problem yourself before creating a thread, so add “documentation” to the “areas of interest” in your Community profile. The procedure has been documented here in the Forums. Just search for “add documentation to areas of interest.”

Some documentation is loaded during Natural installation, but the on-line source includes all SAG products.


I’m sorry, but my available time wouldn’t allow me to provide you with personal tech support. I try to contribute to some forums as my time allows, and for privacy (and anti-spam) reasons choose not to share my email address on the forums.

Let us know how your attempt to install Natural for Windows goes and if it is working for you. As Toni suggested, hopefully soon you will be out of the moderation delay if you have more technical problems with the software.

As you progress, (hopefully, like riding a bicycle, Natural syntax will come back to you quickly), you might consider posting any general questions about Natural, like which statement to use or which is more efficient in a particular situation under this forum:

Inside Natural and Performance Hints
Includes topics from the forums CPU Police Academy and Inside Natural
Tips, Techniques & Tricks for Natural. Steve Robinson publishes articles from his Natural newsletter “Inside Natural” on this forum. Members can contribute to the topics and add comments. Forum for Natural performance issues, best practices and optimisation.
Moderators Karlheinz Kronauer

And, risking charges of heresy from this community, I might suggest you visit the old SAG-L listserv at the U. of Arkansas,

You can view the archives, and if you like what you see you can subscribe to the list and get replies by email. Since it is U.S. based, there isn’t a big time zone issue and they don’t delay postings for approval. Use of the list has dropped off in the past few years with many retirements, and mostly just DBA postings now, but they will probably welcome fresh questions from a returning ADABAS/Natural programmer. And there have been a number of threads this year about the customers’ attempts to move to NaturalONE.

Also a good place for posting more general, wide ranging questions about SAG products, directions, etc., especially on Fridays. But for technical issues with the free downloaded Community Editions, the SAG TechForum is still the best bet.

Good luck with your Natural journey and the job opportunity.