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This morning I attempted to post to Natural Database and TP Monitor Interfaces on Mainframes and was notified that the forum is moderated. Is this now true of all forums?

I like that it avoids all the spam, but won’t this cause delays? I’m in the Pacific time zone, but most of my moderators are in the Central European time zone.

Also, I had to post this using Chrome instead of IE. In IE the edit options (bold, italic, list, etc) and the Preview button are now inoperable. IE was working fine yesterday.

Hi Ralph,

Yes, because of the recent spam we’ve made many forums moderated, but only temporary.
We are currently working on a solution that will filter spam by content/author, which will be live, soon. After that you don’t have to worry about your posts going into moderation and being delayed.

Until then we’ve also disabled email notifications and increased the time between publishing by one author.

We’ll also check the IE bug.


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Hi all,

Few updates:

  • The spam blocking solution is implemented. Some messages still may go into moderation, where they are checked manually. In this case please wait - we are trying to handle them as fast as possible. If your message hasn’t been approved within several hours please contact us.
  • Email notifications have been enabled
  • The bug in Internet Explorer is fixed

Thanks for your patience