Several Spam Posts in the last weeks to several forums


I recently notice that there have been several spam posts submitted by various bots? into various forums which do not match the topic the forum.

I always report them to moderators and they are removed quite fast.

Might it be possible to check the self registration procedure for the TechCommunity to reduce or avoid such posts?


Hi Holger,

Yes, these spammers are quite annoying. Unfortunately they are not bots, but real humans and although we ban them they create new accounts. We are currently looking for a solution that would help decrease that spam.


Hi Toni,

thanks for having an eye of this.

Earlier when there were just one or two in a month (or even less), this was ok, but currently there are up to 6 in a week.


I just observed that the community forums “webMethods Free Trial” and “webMethods API Portal” have been flooded with several hundreds spam posts each over the weekend (September 2018, 15th-17th).