Need for moderated forums?

Hi All,

I understand the need of moderated forums to block unwanted,unprofessional messages. But a few of my posts have been waiting in queue to be reviewed since almost a month. My questions are still unanswered.

If my qestions are posted, if not moderators, atleast someone else can answer those questions.

I feel we can have a moderator to review and delete offensive posts. Or maybe there can be more than one moderators just in case on is too busy.

Looking forward to a positive response.

It’s really important now that wmusers has merged and there is no second sounding board.

Thanks and Regards,
Ninad Patil

After migrating the forum from if we post any questions it is taking a lot of time to appear in the forum and to get response, some times even it is taking couple of months. If it is like this the forum is of no use.

My kind request for moderators is to please accept all the posts by default and later if you find any thing not up to the guidelines then you can remove it.

I think this will help all of us.

Hello Ninad and Ramakrishna,

Thanks a lot for pointing this out – It has been a configuration issue. The approval on topics in newly added forums is removed now.

Ninad, here is a direct link to all your posts: - please let know if all of them are displayed now.

Best regards,
Your Forum Admin

Thanks a lot. I can see all my posts now.

Appreciate your quick response.

Ninad Patil